Need to find an accelerated BSN program that I can get into!


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Do it!! I have a degree, hammered out my pre-reqs, then hammered out my 12 MONTH accelerated BSN. If you're anything like me and want to get the show on the road, I recommend 12 month programs. There's not a program out there that will get you ready for the real world so don't worry about how many months it is. I was not less equipped, less prepared, less anything then someone who did a 16-18 month accelerated BSN or a traditional 2 year BSN. Sure there is a massive workload, but should that really surprise you? Do it :yes:


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hey just saw your post- wondering what schools you got into, as my gpa is also a 2.9. I want to apply to wagner college in staten island ny, and other schools within the ny/nj area, but not sure which schools will actually consider me with this gpa. Also I have excellent grades on my prereqs.

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Will you need to take any prerequisites for the ABSN? If so, that GPA plays a big role, you can do really well on those and counter-balance your Bachelors GPA. Or, can you show that your science GPA in your Bachelor's program was higher than the average?

To avoid guessing, I would contact and meet/speak with the management of accelerated programs in your area and explain your situation. They should have some thoughts/advice for you on how to improve your chances. In our area these programs are very competitive especially in state schools, so I would find out about the chances/ways to proceed from the direct source, so to speak.


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Hello Alexis417,

I just graduated from the ABSN program at Wagner College. If you are interested, I highly suggest meeting with the Undergraduate Director of Nursing at Wagner College.

Hope that helps!

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Lakeview College Nursing is a great place to start for information, I suggest you give them a call. I have taken classes at "Ivy League" schools and community colleges, Lakeview College of Nursing have professors who really care about students and the quality of their instruction is outstanding. I learned a lot and use the skills I learned, expanded upon them, and consider myself a great nurse. The classes are small enough that you feel you are getting individual attention. This nursing school is a gem. If you want a school where you can disappear at the back of the class this school is not for you.


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Ok. You need to find a college that puts a lot of weight in other things besides gpa. I am still completing my prerequisites and am going to do a traditional bsn program but the university I want to attend also does an accelerated bsn as well. University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio gives the TEAS V test 59% weight, science and math gpa 30%, the cumulative gpa 10% and filling out some application questions 1%. If you still have some sciences to take you can rock those and get that portion up higher and then study like mad and get an awesome grade on the TEAS V and you might have a chance with them. 59% is a huge amount to put in one test. Google it and see if you think it is doable. I would post a link but im not too handy with a smart phone. Google UTHSCSA school of nursing undergraduate admissions. They have both the traditional and accelerated requirements there. Good luck.


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Here is the link to University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing undergraduate admissions. Im so proud of myself. Lol. Texas is a long way from home but you got to do what you got to do, right. On Saturday the high is going to be 77. I will say it does get pretty hot in the summer. Good luck. Hope this helps.


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I'm from NYC, and was wondering did you ever choose a program...


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I would google search Michigan ABSN programs and then look at the pre-reqs for each program listed. If any of them don't post the information you want, I would call the nursing admissions office and ask someone there. :)


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Hello there, I just saw your message NYCRN- did you manage to get a job with your degree? I have numerous friends that have graduated and still can not find employment. I'm wondering if I should consider online BSN programs and just find a job with my degree as 60,000 is a lot of money. I went to wagner for undergrad, so perhaps maybe that would help me in terms of getting in to the ABSN program, but I'm still weary of having so few options.


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Can I ask where you applied to? And where you got in?