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Hi all I have taken my HOBET test like the NET test just a week ago at Sandhills CC where i plan to attend and still haven't heard back but when i do if i get on the top 80 on the waiting list i will get in for fall 2004. No here is my question: I am a very hard worker and i can choose to take pre-reqs with the nursing program or choose to wait a year to enter nursing and take pre-reqs first. I just wanted some advice . I am going to take some of my pre-reqs this summer when i get out of high school but not all of them. SHould i try to manage the pre-reqs with nursing or wait a year and just do pre-reqs i mean would i be insane to want to juggle pre-reqs and nursing all at the same time. Need advice. If you juggled pre-reqs and nursing would you do it again?




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My advice: take pre reqs first.


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I would suggest taking the pre-req's first, especially since you are coming straight out of high school. College courses are a lot different than high school classes; it takes a little while to get in the swing of things.

I wouldn't suggest trying to take nursing course plus pre-req's while trying to adjust to college. Nursing school is hard enough without adding extra classes and extra stress.

Good luck!

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I've just started my pre-reqs, so i really don't have any credible advice, but i think, that if you get accepted for the fall, go for it! I don't see a reason not to be able to handle the full nursing program,( not unless you have a full time job, kids, family, other commitments) If i were just graduating H.S again, i'd do it :D At 17, you've got the time & energy & the whole world ahead of you.

Good luck!


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THanks all for the advice. Tanzanite you gave me alot to think about and thanks i really think if i really wanted it i could juggle pre-reqs and nursing and i want it bad so if i get in i think i might just go for it. We'll see what happens i will update you in a few days thanks for the advice. I hope i did good on the HOBET test b/c the highest grades get on the list first and then down the list as the grade lowers. Hopin for the best ttyl about what i got in a few days thanks for the advice it gives me something to think about!


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Prereqs first...................... ABSOLUTELY!

Get your basic knowledge and then hit the nursing side. It'll be worth the wait, I swear!!:cool:


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where i went to school you did not get accepted til pre-reqs were done. good luck to you. you got lots of time.


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Totally vote for taking pre req's. first, then nursing.

Especially since you are so young. Enjoy this time and freedom and experience growing as an adult, making new friends, taking on new responsibilities, and perhaps moving out on your own if that is your plan, etc.

Depending on exactly what classes you have to take I would suggest getting out of the way all of, or as many as possible, of your classes except for the nursing/clinicals.

It is much easier to devote all of your time and concentration to your clinicals when you aren't worrying about other classes.

I know you are excited and eager to actually start nursing, I was the same way, but you will have a much better foundation of knowledge if you do your pre-req's. etc. first then move on to your nursing classes.

Good Luck!



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I totally agree with many of the posters. Taking the prerequisites first have a couple of benefits. The nursing courses themselves are so intense they are full-time all by themselves and having to also worry about taking the other classes will probably have one thing or the other suffering. Also, if you've done so well on the test this year, consider how much better you may do next year...

You'll still probably finish with your RN at 20 and as you can see from this BB, many of us are double your age.


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