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Need Advice For Interview


HI, Everyone I'm new on this site and I am scheduled to take my boards on July 7th. anyway I have an interview on Wednesday with Adcare hospital, which specializes in substance abuse, any advice advice on how to ACE the interview.:confused::confused::confused:;)

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Moving this to the general nursing forum as question more specific than taking the NCLEX

be honest, and show your concern, care and compassion.

Do some website research on the hospital. Read the annual report and pick out something that really interests you to comment on or ask a question about. I did this for my interview and it blew the nurse manager away because she hadn't heard about it. Intrigued her to look it up online while we were talking.

Be yourself.

Know yourself and what you can bring to the hospital environment and its level of patient care.

Know your short and long term goals. Be specific about them.

Good luck.

Tait, MSN, RN

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Get your questions in line, even if you have to have a note card with you.

1. Ratios

2. Governance

3. Support

4. etc etc

Best of luck!!


where do i find the annual report?

Try the hospital's website. If it is not there, maybe you could request one or pick one up from the hospital, if you have time before the interview. Try reading other news reports or information about the hospital on their website. Best of luck.:specs:

Thank's a lot Hands and Heart ,I think your advice was great, I'll tell you how the interview went :redbeathe:redbeathe:typing:hrnsmlys:


How did the interview go? Well, I hope.

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