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2nd degree BSN worth it?


Does already having another Bachelor's degree have any greater weight on being accepted versus students who do not have another degree? All of this is new to me and I am trying to figure out what makes more sense before applying to a Nursing school.

Thanks for any advice! :-)

From my experience having a bachelor's degree will usually earn you a few extra points when you're applying to a nursing program that uses a point system. There are also nursing programs designed specifically for students that have already earned a bachelor's degree in another field. Do a little research in the schools in your area for more details.

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This is my take on it.

You have zero nursing degrees.

Previous Bachelor's can offer you advantage of accelerated BSN route if previous Bachelor's degree has stellar GPA. If not so good GPA, you can have advantage of transferring 60-90 credits from previous degree towards traditional BSN degree.

Think of it as multiple degrees, not second degree; independant but accumulated.

Welcome to Allnurses and good luck on your research. :)

I was able to transfer many courses from the previous degree for credit. This speeded up the admissions process.

Thanks Chuleta. If I were to talk to the schools I am interested in, do you think they will disclose their point systems?

Thanks dt70. I will keep that in mind, I did not consider some credits from previous degree work would transfer to the BSN. Always, good to know.

Thanks caliotter3. I agree with you and dt70, being able to transfer courses for degree credit is one of the pro's of holding a previous degree.

People just keep telling me to just transfer to a school that offers a BSN and just go from there but, I keep thinking I am only 30 credits away from getting my Psychology/Sociology degree at my current university. It seems like it would be a waste to just forget about that degree, leave my university, and continue with a BSN instead.

Thanks Chuleta. If I were to talk to the schools I am interested in, do you think they will disclose their point systems?

Most schools post their point system breakdown on their website along with dates of info sessions regarding their nursing program. Attend an info session if possible. Also don't forget all nursing schools require you to fulfill a set of pre-requisites before you can apply! So make sure you've got that covered.


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Some schools may not accept you if you already have a bachelor's. It's worth doing your research.

You never know when that degree might prove helpful. Of course, you should complete it before transfer. Good luck.

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No, it won't to be honest. You may already have some of the general credits done that may transfer but I have not heard of a school that bases its admissions process on previous degrees. Lots of people have them. If your GPA was good enough, you could do an accelerated BSN based on the fact you have most of the gen ed credits completed. For most schools that have a points system here is what most(not all), go off of:

there are certain prereq classes they look at and assign points based on grade

Teas or Hesi entrance exam score

essay (some)

interview (some)

volunteer experience (some)

you may get an additional point or so for taking prereqs there

Most schools that do a points system are CC so you would be looking at an ASN. Most schools that do a BSN look at cumulative GPA rather than certain prereqs and and entrance exam along with either an essay or interview. So if you go for a BSN but had a crappy GPA from your other degree, chances are you are going to have to do an ASN program that looks at different criteria. Also if your classes are over 7 years old, most schools won't accept those grades and you will have to do them over. But they may still look at your previous GPA.

Your best bet is going to be to look at the different programs you want to get into and find out the requirements. Set up some appointments and speak with nursing advisors.

My bachelor degree satisfied all general education required to gain a BSN degree at a traditional or an accelerated. A bachelor will help you in getting your BSNS a lot faster than traditional. You won't have to start over taking classes you already took. A bachelor degree plus taking your sciences classes and you are good to go.