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  1. Rio Hondo ADN Fall 2015

    I'm not sure if your 10+ years of experience as a respiratory therapist will land you a job as a new grad RN. If possible, I would suggest trying to get your BSN. I just recently got accepted into Rio Hondo's ADN program but I do plan on getting a BS...
  2. Rio Hondo ADN Fall 2015

    I'd say your chances are pretty good!
  3. Rio Hondo College Spring 2015

    There's a list of criteria they use to select students for the ADN program, however, they don't specify how many points you actually get for each area. Here's a link to their site for more details Generic ADN Program | Health Science and Nursing
  4. Rio Hondo College Spring 2015

    That would be great! Have you started working on your health requirements? I need to find a scanner/fax machine to upload every thing online.
  5. LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    Hello, I just officially declined my offer today. I called & sent an email. I was just waiting to see if the school I was waiting for actually received all my paperwork on time. I hope one of you guys get my spot. Good luck!
  6. I think you might have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was talking about the cumulative GPA, which is from ALL the classes you've taken in college. From my own personal experience, the schools I applied to took all my college courses from b...
  7. You should double check to see if the schools look at your cumulative GPA which also includes the GPA from your AA degree. Most of the schools I applied to in CA took both my GPAs into consideration & that really helped me out!
  8. LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    Thanks! But I actually declined the offer because I got into a school closer to where I live so I'm going there instead. Congrats to you too for getting accepted to LASC!
  9. LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    Yes, la harbor college. I'll show you a copy of the email.
  10. LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    I received an email last week stating I was accepted. Make sure you check your LACCD email address given to you by the school. Tomorrow is the last day to accept/decline the offer.
  11. LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    I initially applied to LASC, however, when it came time for me to submit my TEAS score I decided to not continue with the application process because the NCLEX pass rate for LASC isn't so great. It's a little under 80%.
  12. "More" than Just a Nurse?

    Wow, are you sure we don't have the same friends & family members?! That's almost exactly what I was told when I mentioned wanting to become a nurse. I think you should just do whatever makes you happy & if becoming a nurse does that for you ...
  13. Help finding a school

    It's going to be tough to get into a BSN program with a 2.9 gpa. I think your best bet would be to apply to an ADN program that uses the lottery system for admission.
  14. Extending of Application date

    Ha, guess it's top secret. Maybe it's not such a big deal after all but I'm sure they have to go through all those apps quickly in order to start by Jan!! One school I applied to extended their app deadline an extra week. No idea why either. Be patie...
  15. Extending of Application date

    That's quite an extension and it seems odd. Perhaps you should call the school and ask about it? Maybe there weren't enough applicants?