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Yesterday I took my NCLEX RN. At the last minute I wasn't sure if I was prepared but I knew that I was so ready for it to be over. When I got to my last question (100 or 105?) i wasn't really paying much attention after 75 but when the screen turned blue i nearly died. My anxiety was through the roof (reading these threads were a blessing and a curse lol) for the past two months up until this morning. After the test I couldn't do the Pearson Vue trick because I didn't think my heart could take it. After waking up this morning with palpitations I decided to suck it up and check the BON and... boom license number and active status next to my name. I couldn't have done it without faith and diligently going through the material. I did the Pearson Vue trick after checking my name on the BON jusssst to be safe. To those of you still waiting, you can do it! Pace yourself, read through the questions and KEEP CALM.


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Congrats I am taking mine March 4.


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Congrats!!!! Yippie, so proud of you. Any tips on how you studied? I am terrified and i'm reading and reading and can't remember anything. Any suggestions, I would appreciated! :)


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Hey nalaa83, how are you studying? I'm reading and reading and can't remember anything. Any suggestions, would help. Thanks :)


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Congrats! I took NCLEX RN yesterday, got good pop up. Could you please tell me how to look up my name from BON website? Thanks,

shicurls, BSN

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Thanks guys!

good luck @nalaa

@torresm the way I studied is by getting exposure to many questions (LaCharity, Saunders (in the beginning), nclex 3500 & 4000) as I could and reading through all the rationales. I would do about two tests on nclex 4000 a day and look up content in areas that I was weak in. My school had mandatory ATI in our program so I would do the med surg and comprehensive questions in those to test my knowledge. With the study guide I found here I added a few little things that I had learned through studying. I have a short attention span so I couldn't sit and delegate content days.

@bayou it depends on the state you are in. My state doesn't send out paper licenses anymore so they have a public electronic license verification and the licenses pretty much goes up the morning after you take your test.


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Thanks everyone! I am freaked out! @torresm I am using Kaplan I took the class and read the book along with the Lecture On Demand. Now reviewing lab values and the 35 page thing that's floating around an answering the rest of my Qbank so far my percentage is 62% with 96% finished of the Qbank. My Qtrainers range from 68-55. I pray to The Lord I pass this thing on first try!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! You guys are the only people I vent to when I am takin the exam and my grades!

Congrats! You are officially an RN! I bet it's been quite a journey for you. I'm scheduled to take mine on 03/19, and I'm quite confident at this point that I will pass. I have been studying like crazy for almost 3 months now.

Again Congrats!