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I failed my NCLEX the first time I took it, about 3 months ago. I just took it again on Friday, June 12 2009. My exam ended between 115 and 125 questions (can't remember). I felt like I was getting more difficult questions this time around and felt more confident, and that I was performing well. I would be licensed in Ohio if I passed. Do you know if they would send the results over the weekend to my state board website or do you think I would have to wait till Monday? (I not talking about the "quick results") I would appreciate the input.:nuke:

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Moved to the NCLEX Discussion forum. Good luck to you.

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Generally BON websites are not updated over the weekends as the office is closed

Good luck


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Usually they post them during business days. I took mine Wed in Ohio and found out about 4 pm on Thursday on the BON website.


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Good luck and Hope you passed :)


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Wishing you good luck.

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