Nclex on Wednesday!

Nursing Students NCLEX


Well the time has come. I'm scheduled to take the test @ 0800 on Wednesday and to say I am nervous is an understatement. Things went so well for me during my 2 year program had a B average never really struggled to hard, won a couple awards things were good. Then the Hesi Exit exams came along. I failed the first 2 with 760 and 764 and finally passed the last one with 984 but those two fails totally crushed my confidence :(

hard to believe that it all comes down 75 to 265 questions! I feel like I have studied my tail off. Took the Kaplan course averaged about 55% on the Questions trainers which is pretty low, but got a 63% on the readiness and about 60% on my Q bank. I just took the practice test 3 thats all about who do you see first and got a 74%. I HOPE im ready!!!

No real point to this post just had to vent :)

You will be fine!!!! All the best!! You can do it !!!

Me too. 8 am.

We will pass.


To me you sound more prepared than you're giveing yourself credit for. Keep us posted! I'll definitely be waiting to see your celebration post!!

i am afraid ill forget everything on wednesday :(


also what are you doing tomorrow as for studying/preparing?

also what are you doing tomorrow as for studying/preparing?

I had my test a couple of weeks ago and my advice is to take Tuesday off and relax. You'll find in most of the post here that's what a lot of people recommend. I took the day before my yet off, but If you have absolutely need to review something, review labs. Dont go all out and review alll your notes, you and your brain need to rest. Go out, get a massage, get your nails done, go to the batting cages,-- you get what I'm saying. And get a good night sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast wednesday morning! You'll do fine & just relax!! :)

Just relax, you'll do great and pass nclex! Stay clam and positive:) ..good luck and God bless everyone :)

I'm not planning on doing much tomorrow. Probably gonna go get something unhealthy for lunch and go watch batman.

Ditto...0800! Im in Ohio!

Chris 1309 when did u turn everything in to Ohio BON? I applied in June and registered July 10 with Pearson VUE. Did u wait a long time too? I still havent heard back and my money order isnt cashed yet either so i have a feeling they haven't even looked at my app yet. Sorry this is off subject to original thread

Best of luck. If you leave the testing center feeling as though you didn't know much of anything, don't let that discourage you -- I felt the same way only a few months ago. And don't get overly anxious while you're taking the test if you feel as though you aren't doing well because you'll only be hard on yourself and probably do worse. Breathe! Know that you know what you know and there is nothing you can do at this point but apply yourself. You don't really need a lot of details (as I recall), but you need to have a broad understanding, see the bigger picture. This type of knowledge does not come from flipping through a MedSurg book for a few days, you have to be able to synthesize what you've learned over time (i.e. two years of nursing school). I know many people have probably told you that you will do fine, but I think it's true. I didn't believe anyone when they told me I would be okay, but I did. I managed to pass with 75 questions. Again, BEST OF LUCK!

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