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NCLEX Tomorrow


Taking my exam tomorrow, feeling pretty nervous and trying not to freak out. What do most people do the day before?

Do nothing!!!! Relax, get a massage, do not look at anything. Just took mine the other day and passed In 75. You need a clear head, trust me.

I'm going to do a cut & paste of a previous post I'd made to someone else, same kind of question. Hope it helps :)

The test is tomorrow. Get off the computer...NOW....and do something relaxing, something you enjoy:

Take a walk with the dog. Cuddle with the cat. Take a long hot shower or a bubble bath.

Put on your most favorite sleeping/lounging clothes, and be COMFORTABLE. Eat something you really like. Screw the diet tonight! Whatever makes you feel happy, THAT'S what you want right now.

Get a good night's rest. Sleep, I realize, is elusive the night before an exam like this. But rest, that's something you CAN do, regardless of when you actually nod off.

Read a book. Watch a favorite movie or TV show (Netflix!!). Eat the aforementioned goodie while the cat (or dog) stares at you jealously. Do not share.

Before bed, lay out everything you need for the morning; get clothes set out so you have NO decisions to make when you wake up. Even set out your favorite coffee mug (or travel mug) and put the filter in the pot. Seriously, get it all done so you have NO thinking to do tomorrow!

Allow yourself LOTS of time in the morning to get up without rushing. Do not rush. Did I mention to relax, and not rush?

Allow plenty of drive time. Sing to the radio or your CDs at the top of your lungs. Screech a little to blow off steam :D

And, after all that.....ROCK THE HELL out of that test!!

Good luck, dont study.. take a breath and have a big glass of wine before bed! You'll be fine!

thanks everyone!!! I got a mani, tried to do a few ques just to make sure I remember how to do them for tomorrow. I got this.

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Good luck - yes, you will nail NCLEX!! Will think positive thoughts and cheer for you tomorrow. Let us know how things go.

Good luck blondie1887! You will totally rock this thing! Can't wait to see your "I PASSED post"! :up:

Good luck Blondie! I'm rooting for ya!

hi blondie1887!

Best of luck think positive you can do it.

Good luck!!


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I toured a couple model homes, went out for lunch, and went to the movies. I test tomorrow as well. Good luck to you!!!