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  1. shayk16


    its super laid back, mine did not last 3 hours...they basically just tell you about the program and ask everyone 2 or 3 situational questions
  2. Indianapolis, IN graduated May 10th 2014 Passed NCLEX June 4th 2014 applied to about 25 jobs since april have BLS, ACLS Just accepted a job offer July 10th!
  3. shayk16


    They only open the application at certain times... I'm not exactly sure when those times are I was just lucky to catch the application open
  4. shayk16

    I am an RN! NCLEX Tips and Tricks Just For You!!

  5. shayk16

    Quick results ??

    It wont pop up until available (48 hours). Good luck!
  6. shayk16

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor and NCLEX

    I think they are very similar. I had a 92% and passed in 75. ATI was a good program to prepare.
  7. shayk16

    License number available date

    I had my license number the day after I took my test before quick results.
  8. shayk16

    205 questions, does trick still work?

    Congrats!! thats a great accomplishment!
  9. shayk16

    It's official!!!!!!

    Congrats!! welcome to the club
  10. shayk16


    Good luck!!! take a deep breath and focus! Youll be fine!
  11. shayk16

    NCLEX Tomorrow

    Good luck, dont study.. take a breath and have a big glass of wine before bed! You'll be fine!
  12. I used ATI virtual review which has a high success rate.
  13. shayk16

    75 questions on the NCLEX

    Congrats! I passed in 75 too.. its a good feeling!
  14. shayk16

    OMG, I FAILED!!!!

    Stay positive and try to just breathe until you get those results! If you did indeed fail then you can reevaluate and maybe try another prep.
  15. shayk16


    okay thank you! my second interview is tomorrow so hopefully it goes well!
  16. shayk16


    thats awesome! what unit?? and how long after the second interview did you find out??