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  1. blondie1887

    step down RN offered OR position

    Hey, I've been working on a step down floor for the last year. I've recently been offered an OR position in my hospital. I wouldn't be scrubbing in, but from what I've heard, it can still be a lot to learn. I think most of nursing is difficult and my position now can get stressful too, but I'm wondering if you find OR nursing stressful? What is your daily routine like? My training would be 6-9 months and I would attend a periop class once a week. I'm looking for something different than floor nursing, but I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. MY hours would be 7-5 4 days a week, which is also nice, as I've been working nights for the last year. However, this isn't my main reason for making the switch. OR nursing sounds exciting as you see something different every day. I'd love to hear others' experiences and opinions of OR nursing! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have been working in occupational health for the last 2 years, and recently got an interview for a hospital. I already met with HR, and they called me in for a 2nd interview to meet with the Director of Oncology. Is there any advice a more seasoned Oncology Nurse can give me to prepare for this interview- such as any clinical questions they may ask me? I have been out of school for 2 years already so need to buff up. Thanks!
  3. I currently work at an occupational health clinic that pays pretty well, but got an offer at a city hospital (elmhurst), which pays about $8,000 less on a psychiatry floor. Do I take this offer or keep looking? It's the first job offer I've gotten at a hospital, so long term I'd have more room for growth, more opportunity to learn. My job now pays more, but is very repetitive and doesn't have much opportunity to learn or for longterm growth. What would be more important to you. Of course, city hospitals also have some good benefits, but not sure if they are worth it now as I have no spouse or kids so my health insurance is free anyways, besides for my copay.
  4. blondie1887

    Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Unit

    I am curious about this as well. I just got an offer on a psych unit at Elmhurst, which pays less than my job now which is outpatient. Any advice? Do you take the job that offers more experience and less pay for more work or keep the job that pays more?
  5. blondie1887

    New Grad with no experience got LOW OFFER (need advice)

    I think it depends how long you have been applying. If you just started applying 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure you need to settle for the first place you get. With that being said, hospitals in NYC are rly tough. I've been working in occupational health since I finished my BSN (for a year already), which pays as much as the NYC hospitals, but only gotten a few calls here and there for interviews recently. $25 is pretty low, especially for NYC. On the other hand, pre-op and post op is great experience.
  6. Hi, I'm interviewing at Elmhurst Hospital for one of their psych positions. I don't know too much about this hospital, as far as salary, and atmosphere, as well as interview questions. Could anyone give me info on the hospital or psych units? As well as best way to prepare for this interview? Thanks!
  7. blondie1887

    IV Certification classes in NYC

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of an IV certification class in NYC. I found one at Jamaica Hospital, but wondering if there was anythings cheaper or closer to Manhattan? Thanks!
  8. blondie1887

    volunteering at Bellevue

    Hey, I was thinking of volunteering at Bellevue to help me get a job. Did this help anyone else find a job? I have been looking since July and it seems like I am seeing the same ads over and over again. This seems like it's helped some people. I was either thinking of NSLIJ but it seems like the city hospitals are more open to new grads than other hospitals so I thought I would stick with a city hospital. Any advice would be great.
  9. So, I graduated in May, took the nclex in july and as of today still can't find anything. I am also completing a BSN at Hunter and have a BS in another field so will be done by August. I am really starting to get discouraged though. I have applied to so many place. I had an interview at a children's psych facility a week ago which I never heard about and some other interviews like a month ago, but not much more than that. It seems like there is nothing available. I am starting to wonder why I went into this field in the first place.
  10. blondie1887

    MJHS open house interviews...ASN Grads

    I am thinking of just going in person and seeing what happens. I left a message on the 1800 number they provide but I doubt I'll hear back.
  11. blondie1887

    MJHS open house interviews...ASN Grads

    Does anyone know if they are accepting new grads with ASN that are enrolled in BSN programs because it says qualified candidates but doesn't specify what that means. Anyone else attend any of these?
  12. blondie1887

    Moving to New York need some advice please!

    I would say to stay in florida. I just moved here to finish a BSN and so I am looking for part time so maybe that makes it harder but I have been looking for 2 months and haven't found anything. I have gone more some interviews at drs offices but they wanted full time mostly. The hospitals I never hear from because I only have my ASN and even the nursing homes or impossible to find. I don't know what is with this economy but as soon as I finish my BSN I'm moving back to jersey.
  13. blondie1887

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    Yea, I'm doing some per diem flu clinics here and there as well. They pay $30 and hour but there aren't a ton of them and they are not consistent. You got to take what you can get. As soon as I get my nj license, I'm looking in northern jersey. I am originally from nj and i can tell you that the buses to northern jersey take like 20-45min and are pretty convenient...def look there too.
  14. blondie1887

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    I'll try that. Yes, I actually did just get hired by a home care company, but they woman takes forever to get back to me. She said she's busy and still has to find time to call HR to find out if they have all my paperwork and then she'll find nurses to train me. IF I didn't keep emailing her though or calling I don't think I would have heard from her so it's making me wonder if they have assignments and if they do, I'll even be called for them.
  15. blondie1887

    Job market for new nurses in New York City

    Should I have applied for both new york and new jersey? I only applied for NY and figured I'd apply for NJ after, that's good to know though thank you!
  16. blondie1887

    Job market for new nurses in New York City

    Hey, where did you find that job in the clinic? I am finishing my BSN up in Hunter, starting Aug and moving to NYC from NJ, so I do need to find a job not too far. I've thought about also getting my license in nj but I'm not sure if I can keep the new york license and get a nj one at the same time? These are things I still have to investigate. Do you suggest sites like indeed? I am open to anything in the the mean time to get some experience, I can always apply for hospital later, like you said.

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