Should I accept a job that offers more experience with less pay?


I currently work at an occupational health clinic that pays pretty well, but got an offer at a city hospital (elmhurst), which pays about $8,000 less on a psychiatry floor. Do I take this offer or keep looking? It's the first job offer I've gotten at a hospital, so long term I'd have more room for growth, more opportunity to learn. My job now pays more, but is very repetitive and doesn't have much opportunity to learn or for longterm growth. What would be more important to you. Of course, city hospitals also have some good benefits, but not sure if they are worth it now as I have no spouse or kids so my health insurance is free anyways, besides for my copay.

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I'd say go for the experience, but I see the position is on psych floor. Did you intend to apply/work there? Personally, I would not choose to work in psych. Recently I traded full time SNF for part time hospital job. Same pay for now, but opportunities for shift pick up at any of 3 hospitals are numerous.

If you wanted psych, go for it. Down the road, you'll make more money in the hospital. Good luck!


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Do you plan to do psych long term? If not, then I say don't go for it especially if you will be taking a pay cut. Keep applying for other hospital positions. There are hospitals that hire occupational nurses for their employee health services.

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What are your long term goals?


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If you don't plan to have a career in psych, then i wouldn't recommend taking that job. May I ask how long did it take for Elmhurst to call you back after you applied there?


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I am not sure how much experience you will gain on the psyche unit (in terms of skills). I can understand if you take it because that's the area you want to work or a way in to transfer to another unit at the same hospital. That said you have to do what makes you happy. Good luck