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Just took the Nclex and got 75 questions. I will find out in 10 1/2 hours if I passed or failed! The waiting is killing me. I've been praying for months now and this is my 3rd time taking this crazy test. Any words of advice?


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good luck you will do fine!


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Goodluck! Breathe!

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Good luck :)


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GOOD LUCK!:wink2: I took the NCLEX-PN today, and was blown away by the difficulty. I am in the top 5% in my BSN program, and found this test to be a wake-up call. I am very nervous as I fear I have failed.:uhoh3: The test shut off at 85, and I had at least 15 SATA. Unfortunately, many to this website have shared that this means nothing. Also, I am worried because I know I missed my last question. Ohh well, its all over but the crying. Good Luck to everyone!

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10 1/2 hours? When I took my boards in 1980, we took the test in april and found out in July.:smackingf


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Hope you passed.

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Good luck

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Good luck.

Good luck

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