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I have a friend who recently took NCLEX and she says as soon as she got past the tutorial she immediately wrote down all the lab values she could remember and maslows on her white board. Is this allowed? I mean, she didn’t get in trouble but I wonder if she just got lucky.

when I took mine they didn't care.. she gave me a small white board ( size of a sheet of paper) you can use your hand to wipe the board. and she never said anything about not writiing down lab values..

what people dont tell you on here is its a testing center so not everyone in there is taking the NCLEX.. and you dont all start at 8am or 12 or what ever. people are coming in and out the whole time your there.. all they do is provide the test. the dude next to me was taking a electrical test .. the girl on my left was taking a GRE test.. this guy in lline before me was taking a real estate license.

but as far as the lab values its good to know them but they arent gonna ask you specifally what is the range of BUN .. the lab value will be in the question or the MAR it may or may not be pertinet to the question.


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yes, this is allowed because in Brisbane test centre I was given a laminated booklet and fine point white board marker. 🙂

exactly.... same thing happened to me.. they just make sure you dont cheat.. and they cant micromanage you because there are 30-35 computers and people are steadlily coming to room , using the bathroom, taking unscheduled breaks or finishing thier tests..


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Did you pass? @Astronomical 1 I took mine last Tuesday 17th March . Stopped at 75q. I find the questions difficult to answer but was confident on some. And based on what I've read this could mean a good thing. but lots of test takers are failing at 75. And PVT pop up was bad 😞

@dj_rn I failed at 265 I made alot of mistakes ( which I will write more on next month when I retest)

1 was I had coffee and I was jittery and subconciously I was trying to hurry up...

the test wasnt too hard there was only 5 questions I was like WOW!! is this.. to me since I was using uworld I thought I was just taking another uworld test. nothing seemed too hard.

not to make excuses but I got screwed on my test ..I had at total of 52 SATA which 15 were in a row towards the end of the test. the reason I say I got screwed is if I'm close to the passing/failure line and you getting 15 sata wrong in a row you below the passing line.. you cant come back from that .


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okay keep us posted ... thank you!

@dj_rn hey what I will say do uworld. ( if your not signed up ) and read all the rationales..

and you need to buy the LACHARITY priorization book .. YOU........NEED....... THAT BOOK..

this book give a bunch of prioritization questions for each body system... and my grades went up. ( priority grades are score higher on NCLEX )

You need that book . I know I will pass strictly from that book.. people have been recommending that book on Youtube.


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will check that book def.! I had uworld for three monthsplus added two as wasn’t reviewing december. not a lot of topic touched my uworld review maybe only 5 questions related popped up on the test. I think that book will def. help if what I'm reading is true about the exam.

thanks again ! glad I came across people like u!

Kaplan has a 7 day free trail ( NO credit card needed) you get access to the 2-3 test bank and 2k Q Bank

plus you get access to the online free classes and recorded classes...

Please read the rules for the NCLEX on their website... you cannot write anything on your whiteboard (or paper) until after the introduction/tutorial has completed.. this is considered brain dumping.

After you have completed the introduction and are actually on question #1 you can use your board as you see fit.

Best of luck.

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When I was given the white board, I was told that if I write something on it,I cannot erase it. I would be scared as heck if I copied something from the tutorial.