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dalgo11 has 13 years experience as a ADN, CNA, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. dalgo11

    Struggling with Anatomy and Physiology

    Yes, when you withdraw from a science class it count as an attempt. Try using the "rate my professor" first to see what the other students are saying before taking that professor's class. Your sciences are weighted heavily on your GPA for the nursing...
  2. dalgo11

    How do you study for NCLEX when you’re broke??

    There is Sarah at Registered RN, she has countless videos on every item that is featured on the NCLEX, as well as Remar.
  3. dalgo11

    NCLEX Practice Exam | NCSBN

    Archer's Review is cheaper and looks like UWorld!
  4. dalgo11

    I can't believe this - wearing a mask during the test?

    We wear masks while doing our 12.5 hours shift. So in order to be safe and keep others safe, just wear it. Take breaks in between, and drink plenty fluids to stay hydrated!
  5. dalgo11

    NCLEX prep

    Since you already took the NCLEX, you have an idea of what it entails. Most of us that are in the process of testing have researched some of the NCLEX review books to see what suits us. You may also want to try either U WORLD, Hurst, or Kaplan revie...
  6. dalgo11

    2nd time test taker passed at 130

    Good luck to you! However you did it, you passed!! Now go on out there and work hard, do your best and stay safe!
  7. Congratulations to you! Now go on out there and do your best...Stay safe.
  8. dalgo11

    Passed NCLEX with 69 questions

    Congratulations to all the April test takers who passed their NCLEX!!
  9. We are in a global crisis at the moment and I believe that we all should be protected because the numbers are growing on a daily basis. They don't know who is negative or positive. However, at the hospital where I work in Florida, doctors can be se...
  10. dalgo11


    At most testing sites, the test proctor would always ask you to leave the scratch paper they gave you, or hand it in as you are leaving the room. So I don't know!
  11. In Florida, you have to register yourself on the FBON website, pay a fee, have your fingerprints taken, apply to Pearson Vue, pay a fee and wait for the ATT. All of this comes after your school submits your transcript to the board.
  12. dalgo11

    Passed NCLEX RN on first try

    Thanks Nursemom02, I will continue listening to Mark Klemik and some other resources.
  13. dalgo11

    NCLEX Help

    I believe that the SATA questions are kicking most of us in the rear because there is no partial credit for them. They are either right or wrong. If you add one question more or less than you should, that makes the whole question wrong. I had to an...
  14. dalgo11


    When I was given the white board, I was told that if I write something on it,I cannot erase it. I would be scared as heck if I copied something from the tutorial.
  15. dalgo11

    Remar Review Anyone!

    Is there anyone who used Remar Review along with other resources for their NCLEX exam? If so,how was it?