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Okay so I've heard through the grapevine that when you get SATA questions and say the answers are a b c and you only pick a and b not c that you get some credit for a and b???? Anyone know???

I thought I read, on the nclex instructions, that you do NOT get partial credit.


That's what I was wondering bc I heard different things from different nurses?

I took the NCLEX yesterday and the instructions specifically say that you get it all right or you get no credit at all.

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It says all or nothing. I had 23 SATA on my exam. I passed with 75 questions, so almost 1/3 were SATA

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oh mylanta thats alot of sata

It's all or nothing no partial credit :/

23 SATA is much too much for me ahhh!!!

What were all the SATA about?!

the SATA for me were mainly a disease process and select all the symptoms associated with it. or a drug and pick all the nurse teachings that go with that drug.

Ok great thanks! That's a lot :(

if you are getting lots of select all that apply you should feel good! its a higher level question. or it could be a pilot question. i kept a tally on my whiteboard and had 12 sata

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Ugghhh I hate SATA I always get either 1 too many or 1 short.

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