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Okay so I've heard through the grapevine that when you get SATA questions and say the answers are a b c and you only pick a and b not c that you get some credit for a and b???? Anyone know???

I thought I read, on the nclex instructions, that you do NOT get partial credit.


That's what I was wondering bc I heard different things from different nurses?

I took the NCLEX yesterday and the instructions specifically say that you get it all right or you get no credit at all.


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It says all or nothing. I had 23 SATA on my exam. I passed with 75 questions, so almost 1/3 were SATA

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oh mylanta thats alot of sata

It's all or nothing no partial credit :/

23 SATA is much too much for me ahhh!!!

What were all the SATA about?!

the SATA for me were mainly a disease process and select all the symptoms associated with it. or a drug and pick all the nurse teachings that go with that drug.

Ok great thanks! That's a lot :(

if you are getting lots of select all that apply you should feel good! its a higher level question. or it could be a pilot question. i kept a tally on my whiteboard and had 12 sata


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Ugghhh I hate SATA I always get either 1 too many or 1 short.


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I took it today and it seemed like every other question was a Sata. Had to be more than 23 for me and stopped at 75 questions. I came home and did the pvt and got the good message. I think I passed and those SATA questions have always been a bane of testing for me.

When you take the NCLEX they are very clear that you do not get partial credit. You either get the question right or wrong. There is also no such thing as a certain set of options always being correct.

I had a ton of SATA, I would say at least half of the exam was SATA.

I am in an RN program with 2 semesters to go, however after the first year we are eligible to sit for the NCLEX PN. I took the exam on Monday and had 37!! SATA questions. It shut off at 85 which is the minimum number for the PN exam and just found out today that I passed! I did do the PVT and got the good pop up as well. That was a crazy number of SATA questions and I honestly wanted to cry while I was taking the test. Thought for sure I had failed.

I got tons of SATA on my 75? test on June 26 and I think that although you don't get partial credit that you get some kind of "credit" within the CAT system itself. Reason I say this is because I stink at SATA and there is no way I got many of those right. I think it is all or nothing in regard to whether you get it right or wrong but there is something in the system that gives you a partial credit in regard to difficulty and grading your competency.

Everyone gets a 50% on the NCLEX when they pass. Higher level questions are given when you are doing well.


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