Nclex RN this morning.


I just tested this morning, I had 75 questions and 30 SATAs, 3 Exhibits and about 6 Meds, tons of priority and safety. I got the Good Pop up!! I am hoping it really works!! :cautious:

This site has been a great resource in preparing so here are my two cents for those of you studying. I highly recommend practicing your SATAs, I did all of Saunder's (CD about 199 questions) and the ones from NCLEX 3500 link: (

I felt like knowing the content for the exam was key, so don't put your reading aside, is equally as important as practicing questions.

1) Kaplan. All qbanks and Q trainers, I also read the entire RN Course Book.

2. NCSBN review - good for questions and reading on your weak areas. I recommend the Med review!

From what I keep hearing if you got the good pop up u passed. I got the good pop up today also. congrats.


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I hope! Congrats to you as well! :)


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Congratulations nurses any tips.


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Congratulation!! Thanks for sharing your experience


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Congrats! Go Celebrate!


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Congrats!You passed...We almost have the same situation our difference is I went through the CC page and got EKG question so in the end I failed...

I had 3 or 4 dysrhythmias on my test earlier today also. Got the good pop up.


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congrats!! I took the test today too, and got the good pop up, but I am still skeptical. I had a lot of priority questions and a few EKG and calculations and exhibut questions....and infection control and pharmacology..everything really.... It was very difficcult for me. I am still praying for the offcial results to be a pass.