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NCLEX-RN April 2015 Help!

SteveVBall05 SteveVBall05 (Member)

I finished ALL (100.0%) of Kaplan RN review. My Dx test was a 58. Readiness test was a 59 (=87.2% chance of passing).

QT1: 59

QT2: 57

QT3: 53

QT4: 51

QT 5A: 62

QT 5B: 43

QT 6: 45

QT 7: 48 (Rushed this 100%)

Sample Test 1: 54, #2 60, #3, 73, #4 26 (all SATA Q's) HORRIBLE! (cried)

I did all 1,292 QBank Q's: [Cum. Avg. is 58.5%]

I did Hurst online live review watched videos 2x, made a ton of notes. My weakest area is Basic Comfort & Care (amusing in a way...) I'm awaiting my A.T.T. and freaking out on what to do in the mean time. I want to test this month. Help/Advice PLEASE. I pray everyday I am successful. Trying to manage anxiety. My QBank scores were mostly 55-65% and did 60-75 at a time. I watched all the content videos and Question review videos (so helpful). Decision Tree is a MUST! Love you all! :)

I emailed Kaplan Expert. They said take a break...I was like (omg no way!) But I do break 1 day/week and been at this since Feb 23. Graduated in December. Took January off. I feel like when I re-do wrong QBank Q's I just do good because I remember the info. It's hard to stay focused this far in the game. I feel confident though....ok end rant!

Go take the test....I also graduate in Dec and took my test in March....felt I waited to long but I passed in 75q...I too completed all of Kaplan q bank questions twice hehehehe....you ready go take the test....the longer you wait the more stuff you forget....just apply that nursing knowledge you have acquired and the strategies you learned in Kaplan and you will be fine!

Oh and I scored a 30 on Kaplan all SATA test...hehehehe

haha that test was ridiculous! And thank you so much! wow 75 questions, congratulations that is an amazing feat! I'm scheduling as soon as I get my ATT....How was your QBank scores and QTrainers? How was your test? A lot of SATA? Thx!

Don't rely on your practice scores too much. If you feel that you know your basic core content and feel that you're ready to take the exam, go for it. The longer you wait, the more anxious you're gonna get and the more it will affect your study habits / confidence level. Good luck and I'm wishing you all the best! ;)

My Kaplan scores were very much like yours and I passed first try. I also took off one day a week-you need that mental health break. I felt weak on pharm so I bought pharm flashcards on amazon and did those every day as well. I did Saunders for content as well.

A couple of days before my exam, I felt like rescheduling it. A friend told me to retake the diagnostic (you have to call Kaplan to get it unlocked, but they will unlock it if you call-at no charge) and I got a 79. That gave me the confidence I lacked. Since I did the live classroom as well, I contacted my instructor and she told me I would probably pass but based on my scores I would have a longer test. I got all 265, and it was horrible, but I did pass!!

I did both Hurst and Kaplan (QBank, Trainers, and Sample Tests) and I passed with 75 Questions. Honestly, IN MY OPINION, Kaplan made NCLEX look easy. ALSO, I studied EVERY day until two days before my exam (although some days I studied for 8+ hours and others I only studied for 5+ hours or less) I just never did it continuously. I would take breaks every hour or so. This helped me because it kept me thinking about NCLEX. The day before I just read strategies and read the Exam Cram sheet plus that study guide that floats around here while falling sleeping. Like you, I prayed every day and literally every hour, minute, and second. I prayed for each question I got and when I pressed the NEXT button, lol. I made posters as well with my name and RN on it. You can do it RN! Can't wait for you to succeed! :D

I am paranoid as well. I still have a year before I graduate, but Im looking for best reviews now and trying to do at least 5-10 NCLEX style questions per day. Fortunately, with my program, 75% of the exams are NCLEX style and a few SATA. I just need to be confident and trust my program is preparing me well, but also, have trust in myself to do my part.

Trust yourself and do your best as that is all we can do.

With all that said, I am sure I will posting a freak out post in a year from now. Lolololo.

Thanks guys I should get my ATT today or tomorrow I was told. I read from a friend the earliest available date near me at Pearson is May 23 because my friend is taking his then. No way! I will be traveling a bit but that is fine! I pray when I gt to 75 I click next and the screen goes blue :D