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  1. Qteapi

    Med math help?!

    You might want to show us your work first and then we know what is tripping you up and how to help
  2. That they are full of tricks to get a controlled high in the beginning and you have to be on your p's and q's no matter how "nice" they are to you....just saying what I am saying
  3. Qteapi

    ixchel's 8/15 This Week I Have Learned...

    I've learned that if I've worked 32 of the last 48 hrs, I'm entitled to the next 24 to recover.....hehehehe
  4. Qteapi

    This week, I have learned... (8/8)

    I've learned that when you work only on weekends....those weekends come quick....hehehehehe
  5. Qteapi

    I hate floor nursing!

    What is your area of speciality?
  6. Qteapi

    Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    What part of the state does she live in? Knowing that info what help in finding schools that don't require TEAS?
  7. Thank you for the timely information! I was just looking online yesterday to purchase malpractice insurance....today not so much! I am researching what is covered by my facility and what is available in my state and from what company!
  8. Qteapi

    How to get hired if experience is necessary

    Start looking at New Grad Residency programs. With these programs you earn while you learn with some hospitals requiring a signing contract after doing a 1 year residency program.
  9. Qteapi

    "Just a Psych Nurse"

    There is no health without mental health....something I didn't understand until I became a nurse! psych nurses rock!
  10. Qteapi

    Heel slipping in nursing clogs

    Oh ok...the closed back....when you said clogs my mind immediately went to open backs...I wear two pair of socks with my slip on cause if I don't my slip on becomes a flip flop which is not good during a code when I have to move fast!
  11. Qteapi

    Heel slipping in nursing clogs

    At my nursing school and now at my job we were not allowed to wear clogs....so you might want to return them now before you even start your clinical rotations and have worn the shoes and are forced to keep them due to store policy about worn shoes and clinical policy about no clogs
  12. Qteapi

    New Grad...Is this typical?

    Yes it is typical....believe me you....you will get orientation on all the things you named! The hospital won't allow you to touch the patients without knowing what you do and don't know....I am a new grad/ nurse in orientation right now. The closest I came to starting an IV was on SIM man....hehehehehe....and blood draws did not happen at all in nursing school...gave meds, only did IV pumps when I had a nurse who was willing to let a nursing student get some real life experience...which wasn't often....so don't fret....you will be trained!
  13. Qteapi

    Mom of 4 - can I handle nursing school?

    It won't be easy, but any dream worth filling won't be easy! You can do this and you ain't old! Only thing gets old is shoes and those come back in style....just everybody on the same page....your hubby can't be looking ugly in the face when he has to pull more than what he thinks is his share. Hey I went back and got my degree in Nursing and yes it meant that I had to pull late night hours after getting the kids squared away but it was well worth it when I marched across that stage and passed NCLEX and went from making $8 an hr to $33 dollars an hr as a new grad!
  14. Qteapi

    Inmate/Staff Relationships

    My sister worked with men's correctional for 30 years and retired from the same facility she started with....she was not having it...she always made it plain....y'all can't do nothing for me up in here making pennies and can't do nothing for me on the outside when you can't get a j-o-b ....so step off....they didn't mess with my sis! Hehehehe....had another sister to work with men's correctional for 15 years they didn't mess with her either....she had the same spill as my other sister....so it is done every day not to fall for inmates but it is done just as often as those ones who do fall for inmates. My sister said you have to be intentional about drawing the line daily!
  15. Qteapi

    Please share bad experiences as a new nurse

    Being new and finding out you are the new Charge nurse when you come off orientation...hehehehe...now that is gonna be tough for me and those who work under me until I get my nurse legs under me....I will be passing out flap jackets, life jackets and pacifiers for a while I am sure....hehehehe....got to laugh to keep from crying!
  16. This is very surprising! Your tech job spot hasn't offered you an RN position now that you have passed NCLEX? Look in to refresher courses for nurses....how long ago did you receive your BSN? The refresher courses are offered at all Community colleges....