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hi everyone. just wanted to share to all my nclex experience. took kaplan review at first but all they had were bunch of practice questions. the intructor would only answer your question pertaining to the question that you are answering. the instructor said that they cannot explain or answer other questions. you just have to read about it. took nclex and failed. a friend of mine recommended AMERICA HEALTHWAYS EDUCATION. the instructor would explain all the questions that you have and if he doesn't know it, he would go out of his way and find out about your question! its a 7 days refresher course. he goes over almost everything that you've learned (or not) in nursing school and maybe more! haha... this course helped me a lot on my next take and learned a LOT more than what i knew when i took it the first time! i am now an RN and is on the next level of difficulties...looking for a job! good luck to everyone!:up:


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:ancong!: on passing and good luck finding that job!


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Im very hesitant to pick another nclex review course. Ive heard of many from California School of Health Sciences and America Healthways. However, I dont know which one to choose because I took Life Savers the first time and didnt pass. Second I purchased the Learning Extension and didnt pass. Now Im so confused which review center would benefit me more and not have any money put to waste. Please Help!!! Im taking the NCLEX PN btw!

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How much was the review class? I tried contacting them today but no one answered. I tried emailing them and it kept bouncing back. Please let me know. ty!


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Actually I was looking at that review center also, is that really good? Is it more on comprehensive review?


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i just passed NCLEX RN this july.. i took the unlimited review on America Healthways and it helps me a lot, to tell you honestly i dont even know what a digoxin is when i 1st came in his class.. and i cant believe that i passed the nclex, of course with the help of sir *** (btw that's the name of the instructor there) anyway! thank god i found this review center coz it helps me a lot to understand more on nursing.. and he made me a better nurse. there are 2 options, the 1st option: 7 days refresher course, it comes with a materials for the nclex review (which we call the thick book) LOL! yeah its kinda thick but its all worth it when you read that thick book. A lot of questions in the nclex are exactly there in that book.. and of course the nclex bullets its very helpful to me coz alot of basic facts on the nclex are also there in the nclex bullets.. and your 2nd option: is to enroll in a unlimited class it comes with the "thick book" , and you can just attend anytime you want in his class, there are two kinds of class for the unlimited program the 1st is the regular class and the tutorial class. The regular class, is more on discussions on the nursing contents and you'll have a final exam on the final day of the regular class. The tutorial class is kinda the same as a kaplan style.. in which you answer nclex practice questions and learn more on the strategies on how to approach each questions.. he will also assess you whether your ready or not ready to take the nclex.. btw they offer review for the RN and LVN. heres the website

International NCLEX Students - NCLEX-RN | LVN | LPN Review Classes with America Healthways Education

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i took my nclex rn exam last week july 15 and got the result on the 20th. the only review center that i came from was america healthways education, the review material that they gave was very thick but very concise, and all my questions in the exam are exactly in that thick book or binder. i only read his review materials and did not use any other books. i tried their 7 days refresher course first but i told myself that i think i need to learn more so i registered to their unlimited programs and attended all of the scheduled classes, i reviewed there for like 7 months, btw they also have unlimited coffee..hehe!. being with our instructor mr. ****** and his wife miss **** was a very good experience they’re both awesome!. sir *** is a good teacher and mentor and i learned a lot from him. so i thank god that i found this review center. thank you america healthways education for helping me to fulfill my dreams.

so to all future nclex-rn and lvn candidates, i highly recommend america healthways education for your nclex-rn and lvn review. for more info visit their website at

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i just passed my lvn :) i highly recommend america healthways review center :) they are the best, best instructor and ms. ****, most helpful review center i'd been (i'd been to different review centers). i live in san fernando valley so even if i get stuck 2 hrs in traffic its worth driving... the class is addicting and u will find out once you started it :) or better yet stay in cerritos library w/c i did after class. here's the link for those interested and still confuse what review center to go

if you have any questions message me :)

hello evryone, just read your post regarding American Healthways, and also looking for a review center for nclex-rn. Just want to know how much is their review fee. Thanks a lot.


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just passed my nclex-rn last sept.16! thanks to america healthways! great place to review, the instructor is one of the best! he'll guide you all the way until you take your exam.. i recommend you take the unlimited program, all worth it.. it's more than just studying/preparing for the "exam", i've actually learned a lot from this review class.. so yeah, if your looking for a a review center, i highly recommend america healthways.. don't think twice! go check them out! International NCLEX Students - NCLEX-RN | LVN | LPN Review Classes with America Healthways Education


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I took my Nclex-Rn exam lastweek and I PASSED!!! Thanks to God and to America Healthways Education Center!! Truly the best review center/refresher course out there!!

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