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I took the NCLEX RN 2 days ago only to find out that I failed by doing the Pearsonvue Trick. Instead of getting the good popup, I was sent to the credit card page :( I pretty much used the whole 6 hours for 265 questions. I am very upset with myself. Now I need to wait for another 45 days to retake.

Another issue is that I just got a call for a medical tech position and I don't know if I should take it or not. I am thinking of taking that position for some "healthcare-related" job experience since I never worked as a nurse before. Others say I should for experience while others say I shouldn't because I am going to be an RN soon. And of course if I pass the NCLEX on my 2nd try, I should be looking for an RN position. I am an ADN graduate with ZERO experience, so finding an RN position will not be easy for me and that is why I am considering the med tech position.

I really don't know what to do...I am very lost. Some suggestions would be great.


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Hey guys...for those of you still struggling to pass NCLEX, DONT GIVE UP!! I just retook NCLEX for the second time this past Friday Aug 30 and PASSED with 75 questions!! HOORAY!! This time I took NCLEX, it was totally different. I used Virtual ATI, Kaplan Book and PDA by LaCharity...not to mention, I put my Faith and Trust in God!! I prayed everyday and after my test shut off at 75 questions, I actually felt relieved and confident that I passed my test...I didn't bother doing the Pearson Vue Trick because I felt so confident that I passed!! And I did. I am so stoked right now!! I think the biggest tip I can give you is to be confident and work through the questions how the Kaplan book teaches you!

As I mentioned I did do the Virtual ATI because they gave me the class for free, but I ended up taking NCLEX without them giving me the green light. I don't fee like Virtual ATI was that great...I think Kaplan had the type of questions most similar to NCLEX.

Other than that...I am so HAPPY to finally be a registered nurse and I already have my second interview at the hospital where I live!! Just remember guys, all things are possible through God!! Believe in yourself and put your faith and trust into God!! Everything will work out fine!