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After 3 and a half hours with 205 questions I passed the NCLEX-PN. I won't lie it was difficult. I used Kaplan to study and I can't say that it helped. I also used the Saunders book which is a good book but honestly none of that really helped me for the type of questions I got on Nclex

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I took my Nclex-PN feb 9th 2016. It was the most nerve wrecking exam ever! In this article I will be completely honest. I always told myself that once I pass the NCLEX I would start a blog/forum to help others because I know how it is.

A little back story of myself, I completed the LVN program here in Texas ( I won't mention the school) in December and as soon as I graduated I IMMEDIATELY began to study... Our school used Kaplan for the review so I reviewed Kaplan everyday for 12 hrs a day (I studied at work) anyway now let's get to the point. Was Kaplan helpful for the Nclex? I would say yes and no! Yes bc it helped you understand how to answer questions properly especially priority questions and no bc their rationale usually sucked. Anyway when I took the Nclex I won't lie, when the first question popped up I was like, "what is this" lol so I took a deep breath and answered all the questions to the best of my ability... Once the questions passed 85 I began to lose confidence but I just kept answering bc I was determined to pass! So please know and understand if you pass 85 keep answering until the computer shuts off. I went to 205 and was relieved it was over but sad I went up that high. I immediately began to cry leaving the exam location. Lol so the questions I had on the test were lots of delgation, who would you see first, priority questions, I had 22 questions that were SELECT ALL THAT APPLY, I had one math problem that was simple I just had to do conversion, and I had lots of preventive care and patient teaching questions, I memorized all my lab values but I only really got 2 questions that pertained to lab values. I had a few questions on diabetes (type 1 and Type 2) and I had a lot of questions on OB and newborn!!! Like majority of my test was OB! Which was great for me bc I want to be a labor and delivery nurse in the future anyway . I had all the questions (205) and still passed. I just want to encourage others to let them know even if you go pass 85 stay focused and determined! Don't give up and take a break if you need it. I hope this helps anyone and I will be willing to help anyone with questions... I tried to be as detailed as I could be lol hence the long post (sorry about that) good luck to everyone out and I sprinkle good luck charms to everyone!!

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Congrats to you. Being a retired PN instructor, I always told students that there are 205 questions on the NCLEX. There were some instructors that would tell students that if computer shut off at 85 they probably passed. That can be further from the truth because they could also have failed so bad that the computer shut off as well. It boils down to the % of correct answers. Also, no one knows what questions are samples and not really scored per-say but to see how answered. Your information was very informative. I also encouraged students to join the allnurses site because of wonderful information available. Now your life begins, go and make your mark. Word of advice, "when you stop learning, it is time to find a new profession". By the way, I began as an LPN.


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Hi Genjen, I am using Saunders online practice questions to prepare for NCLEX. Saunders is in different category, what is the best way to use Saunders efficiently? (ie client needs, by body system, or nursing process?)


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Thank you so much for the kind words of advice. My friend went with me and was also sitting for the NCLEX PN exam. She got 90 questions and sadly did not pass so yes 85 questions does not mean you passed... I'm looking forward to starting my career and going back to school to obtain my BSN starting in the fall!


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@Naijaglamdoll, was there ever a chance that on a SATA question all of the answers were right? Because on my experience it felt like the were all true, but second guessed myself and left one. I took my NCLEX PN February 18 and failed at 138 questions. I almost got it but I lost my composure and got so drained up. Well, I'll take your advice on being focused and determined after 85. I'll try again.


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Awww I'm so sorry to hear that! Yes please try again. I know Nclex will email some info about the areas you need to work on. Yes some of my SATA all the answer were correct. Never second guess yourself always go on the info you know, that's what I did with all my SATA. The answers that I wasn't sure about or juggling on I would reread the question, and determine if the answer goes along with the other answers. I hope that helped. Please feel free to contact me anytime, I'm more than happy to help, my friend didn't pass and we took it on the same day and every week she comes to my house and I help her study... So I don't mind helping or answering any questions you have. Oh I forgot to mention all SATA questions should be answered in true or false form. all the books I reviewed said that and it truly helped me better answer the question


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The SATA were tricky..just answer in T/F


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@Naijaglamdoll, do you have a study guide. I already took kaplan, hurst, and ncsbn. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hello guys, I took my NCLEX PN on April 28th, tried the PVT and got the good pop up. But my friends say that the PVT is not reliable. They also said that I should check the BVNPT License Verification website and was told that if my name and license number is not posted after a week, I likely failed the test.

Any thoughts? I'm really anxious, couldn't even sleep at night. :cry:


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The study guide i used was Kaplan and Saunders... I also googled nclex pn practice questions... I just kept practicing...