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Specializes in psychiatric, med/surg, cardiac, LTC, HHA.

I have just took the NCLEX PN yesturday, and am praying the pearson vue trick works, I got the "good message", but Im worried because half of my test was select all that apply and prioritizing, which I NEVER get right., although confused, because generally arnt the Select all that apply harder questions, indicating you must be getting the questions right? Im very worried. I got to 87 questions, which if the Saunders is right than I was boarderlining at 85 questions, therefore it continued to 87 and made a decision.... I am worried


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Good luck. When I took mine a year ago, it seemed like I had tons of select all that apply questions, which I hate too! I think I had 87-90 questions, don't remember exactly, but it seemed too soon to me! I was really nervous, but turned out that I passed. just keep breathing til you can check your results!


Specializes in psychiatric, med/surg, cardiac, LTC, HHA.

I passed! The pearson vue trick worked for me:) got my quick results today!


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CONGRATS!!! I am taking my NCLEX-PN this coming Friday. WHAT? is the Pearsonvue Trick? I am using a Kaplan book with testing strategies to prepare and it is very helpful thus far.


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