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psychiatric, med/surg, cardiac, LTC, HHA
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katrenia04 specializes in psychiatric, med/surg, cardiac, LTC, HHA.

LPN student, 6 years as CNA, PCA, mental health supervisor, working on BSN

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  1. katrenia04

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    28,000 I am getting the pell grant (5,000) Concorde Career College Aurora, CO
  2. Hello, I was a CNA (never heard STNA, but assuming same thing) I worked HHC, LTC, and AFC. I the got hired to a trauma 1 hospital as a PCA (In Michigan) I had to go through approximately 2 weeks (8a-5p) classes, including catherization, wound care, EKGs, phelobotomy. At the hospital, i worked cardiac, med/surg, neuro-ortho, OB/GYN, and psychiatric. I learned more and did much more as a PCA than as a CNA. It was great!! And is helping me through Nursing school. It was fast paced, vitals, caths, Ekgs, specimen collection, venipuntures, etc. you still do the CNA work, check/change etc. but I got to do more nursing care. Hope that helps!!
  3. katrenia04

    Any LPN/LVN's that was MA's First.

    Work as a CNA, Seriously, Im almost done with LPN school, and being a CNA has helped with everything, the entire 1st term waqs mostly CNA work, clinicals, everything. I actually was paid to become a CNA through a nursing home, which if you look around you might find, or I dont believe its very expensive to do, and you can be reimburssed once hired to a nursing home. I made $15.50/hr as a CNA, but thats after 6 years, and lots of different expereince and training, but new out i was at 12.00/hr, and actually worked with MAs that said they worked as CNAs because they made more $$ as a CNA vs MA. Im in school with some MAs, and yes they are better/confident when it came to shots, venipunctures, etc when we did IV certification. But I learned phelbotomy as a PCA. Hope that helps!
  4. katrenia04

    any LVNs who miss being a CNA?

    I made $15.50/hr as a CNA, and I hated LTC, (mostly b/c backbreaking, i had almost 30 residents a night, and NEVER enough time to give each resident, what they deserved) I enjoyed Home health 1:1 with my clients as a CNA, and AFC where I had time with them. Im 3 1/2 months from graduating as an LPN, then doing LPN-BSN, mostly for the $$, I too have a family that needs and deserves it. But also for climbing the ladder, and success. My view, yes I LOVE pt contact, and being able to give them undivided attention, and unfortunately your not always able to. (depending where you work) But the great thing with nursing, is there are LOTS of options, and different things you can do/work. You cant beat a good education, and Ive worked with many nurses that were previous CNAs and you can tell the difference. You would make a GREAT nurse, go for it!
  5. katrenia04

    It's great when you realize you made the right choice!

    Congrats!! Its a wonderful feeling, when you have the adreniline running, and knowing that your truly making a difference in someones life. Thats what Nursing is all about
  6. katrenia04

    What kind of patients?

    I worked full time Home Health Care(as a CNA) and am graduating as an LPN in Novemebr, Ive seen different clients in Home health care, the wealthy ones, that are private pay usually (Ive had 2, and did full time 40 hrs a week for) were more in need of the med box set up, and I mostly provided companionship. But theres insurance and medicade clients, car accident victims etc, where Ive had to do hoyers, catheters, wound care, etc.. HHC has its pros and cons, I was lucky getting full time with the clients I had, but some others, didnt have $$, poor housing, and its hard when you have such limited supplies, (I bought my own gloves etc) and sometimes the house is cluttered, dirty, etc.. just hard, when the environment is hard to work in. It all depends
  7. katrenia04

    I feel bad for quitting a new job

    That works! I do the same
  8. katrenia04

    First CNA/Clinical Job interview on hopistal Psych Floor

    I Love psychiatric, I ran a 12 bed AFC (Adult Foster Care)Home for Adults with mental impairments, TBIs and neurological impairments. Its Not for everyone, but I Loved it, Its what got me into Nursing. As for what they ask, I recently Interview at a Psychiatric Hospital, and had 3 interviews the same day, with different people. the last was set up like a board, (as when I interviewed with the police department, 4 people asking you questions at the same table) I had alot of expereince, so I was able to come up with answers related to them, mostly questions regarding your strenths/weaknesses, any crisis situations what did you do, how have you solved problems, what makes a good supervisor, if you had to physically restrain someone (If they were being combatitive, and needed shots, etc) would you be able to? where do you plan to be in 5/10 years? goals? and make sure you do a little reasearch about the place, how many beds, know your job description, and BE CONFIDENT, make eye contact, reassure them that you are the BEST candidate, (IF you feel it, it shows)
  9. I am currently attending Concorde in Aurora, and graduate in November. I have been talking with the college network, looking into beginning the LPN-BSN program through them soon. I am wondering if there is anyone who has done this or is doing this and some information about it. I was informed I could receive credit by examination for all the pre-reqs, and was wondering how that works, is it difficult? How long does it take? Whats on the TEAS exam? How does the clinicals work? And how are doing the classes online? Im currently doing an accelerated program, and its over taking my life, I need to work and I have a young son, so I am wondering what the work load is like, how much time out of the week it takes etc. Thanks!
  10. With those vital signs, for normal range, B/P is a little low (but depends on pt history, condition, etc) HR is high (should be 80-100), resp are a lil high but ok, (again depends on pt info) and spo2 is good.. especially if not on o2.... hope this helps!
  11. well Ive worked as a CNA for 6 yrs, and am currently an LPN student planning to go for my RN, you dont have to do the stepping stones. Its provided me a great deal of knowledge and experience, and working in the field. But after the first term in nursing school, the students can apply for their CNA, then they can work as a CNA while in school, and after your first yr, you can probably get your LPN (sit for the boards) then work as an LPN while finishing school. you would probably save time and money just going straight for the RN, and like I said grab your CNA and LPN along the way.
  12. katrenia04

    Chronic HBV and Nursing School

    Im not sure, I dont think you have to disclose it, b/c u have the right to refuse the vaccines etc. But u can also just tell the school, and inform them you dont want anyone (fellow students to know) My instructer told us she has had a couple students come to her and tell her they had hiv, but didnt want anyone to know, and none of the other students knew. But they had all of us get vaccines and drew blood for testing, I believe for the clinicals, otherwise we wouldnt be able to go to clinicals. I hope this helps, maybe try contacting more ppl, or like i said, tell the school, not the students.
  13. I was just wondering if anyone is or has attended the LPN program at Concord in Aurora, CO? If you can give me information on what to expect, ect. I plan to finish there, graduate march 2011, and then go from LPN to RN Thanks!!!