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katrenia04 specializes in psychiatric, med/surg, cardiac, LTC, HHA.

LPN student, 6 years as CNA, PCA, mental health supervisor, working on BSN

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  1. LPN thinking about applying to CNA positions

    I am an LPN, and have just landed a private duty home health position, I make more money, am my own boss, and its easier work. I will mostly be doing HHA/CNA work, but its less stressful, than 30 residents in a nursing home, I have more flexibility, ...
  2. Took NCLEX yesterday...GOD help me I am about to pull my hair out!

    CONGRATS!!! I did the PVT and worked for me:) Im a believer in it, 2 other friends did the PVT as well and it worked:)
  3. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I got the good pop up and passed, I believe in the PVT
  4. Please Help, failed my nclex

    I just took my Boards the 7th, and found out I passed today. I had the saunders NCLEX book and ATI from school, but hardly had time to do it... I was actually scoring below the benchmark on the ATIs, but I was trying to keep my brain going. On top of...

    I passed! The pearson vue trick worked for me:) got my quick results today!

    I have just took the NCLEX PN yesturday, and am praying the pearson vue trick works, I got the "good message", but Im worried because half of my test was select all that apply and prioritizing, which I NEVER get right., although confused, because gen...
  7. What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    28,000 I am getting the pell grant (5,000) Concorde Career College Aurora, CO
  8. Hello, I was a CNA (never heard STNA, but assuming same thing) I worked HHC, LTC, and AFC. I the got hired to a trauma 1 hospital as a PCA (In Michigan) I had to go through approximately 2 weeks (8a-5p) classes, including catherization, wound care, E...
  9. Any LPN/LVN's that was MA's First.

    Work as a CNA, Seriously, Im almost done with LPN school, and being a CNA has helped with everything, the entire 1st term waqs mostly CNA work, clinicals, everything. I actually was paid to become a CNA through a nursing home, which if you look aroun...
  10. any LVNs who miss being a CNA?

    I made $15.50/hr as a CNA, and I hated LTC, (mostly b/c backbreaking, i had almost 30 residents a night, and NEVER enough time to give each resident, what they deserved) I enjoyed Home health 1:1 with my clients as a CNA, and AFC where I had time wit...
  11. Congrats!! Its a wonderful feeling, when you have the adreniline running, and knowing that your truly making a difference in someones life. Thats what Nursing is all about
  12. What kind of patients?

    I worked full time Home Health Care(as a CNA) and am graduating as an LPN in Novemebr, Ive seen different clients in Home health care, the wealthy ones, that are private pay usually (Ive had 2, and did full time 40 hrs a week for) were more in need o...
  13. I feel bad for quitting a new job

    That works! I do the same
  14. First CNA/Clinical Job interview on hopistal Psych Floor

    I Love psychiatric, I ran a 12 bed AFC (Adult Foster Care)Home for Adults with mental impairments, TBIs and neurological impairments. Its Not for everyone, but I Loved it, Its what got me into Nursing. As for what they ask, I recently Interview at a ...
  15. LPN-BSN Indiana State University

    I am currently attending Concorde in Aurora, and graduate in November. I have been talking with the college network, looking into beginning the LPN-BSN program through them soon. I am wondering if there is anyone who has done this or is doing this an...