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Looking for some info about taking the NCLEX pn even thought I graduated with a bsn. How do I go about working as an RN if I pass the NCLEX pn.

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You cannot work as an RN if you haven't passed the NCLEX-RN. The NCLEX-PN is the licensure examination for LPNs/LVNs. Not all states will allow challenging of the NCLEX-PN, and for those that do, I believe it is only permitted once a certain portion of the RN program is completed.

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You don't. You must pass the NCLEX-RN to be eligible to work as an RN



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That's what I originally thought and well but I work with LPNs and one just finished her bachelor degree and she's positive she does not need to retake the exam. Idk the specifics of how she upgrades her license but she clearly situated that. Maybe she's wrong ?

So you're saying since I have a bachelor I cannot do the PN?



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I understand I can't work as an RN unless I have the NCLEX RN but just to get my foot in the door with nursing and pass the NCLEX.


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She is very wrong. If she actually graduated from a BSN program, it astounds me that she could have missed this most fundamental piece of information: she needs to pass the licensing exam for an RN. No upgrading . stunningly ignorant, actually. She has a lot of studying to do it seems...& I have no idea how it is possible for you to have completed a nursing program and not know why your plan makes no sense whatsoever.

Spend the time you need to spend preparing for ONE exam. IF you are permitted to take the PN exam you will not be getting a jump start into nursing, you will be ensuring that you delay it.

Think for a minute: two sets of test fees. Two sets of license fees. And studying for two different tests. How does that make ANY sense?

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You simply can't work as a RN if you pass the LPN NCLEX. Your scope of practice would be of an LPN not RN. Now that you have you obtained your BSN, you are eligible to sit for the RN NCLEX. Why not study for the RN exam? If you went the extra mile to obtain a BSN I don't see the need to take a step back and take the LPN exam.



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If you have a bsn why would you even want to take the nclex pn and not the nclex Rn? I'm confused, you were trained to be an Rn...