Nclex PN 6/5/2013...PVT?!


I took my Nclex pn this morning at 8am. It shut off at 85 questions and I automatically freaked!!! I sprinted to my car and tried the PVT, got the good pop up!!! Check the BON site and my permit is still active, I have tried the PVT several times today, still getting the good pop up! I don't know why I am so reluctant to believe that I passed. That test was hard!! I did over 1000 practice questions in the Saunders book but I still felt unprepared as I was taking the test!

Once I see PASS on the quick result AND a license on the Texas BON, then I might believe it!



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Yay! I took the RN one and it was extremely hard(and I passed) :) Believe it!

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I did not do the pvt for PN, but I wish I had looking back. I passed both tests first time with minimum questions. I did it for RN and I got the good pop up. I was very reluctant to believe it but it works. I have never heard of anyone not passing with the good pop up. I have only heard of people either passing or failing with the credit card page, but mostly failing. So the good pop up I would say is 99% accurate, but the credit card page is not. But of course I did not tell anyone until I had official results. So rest easy for now until you get official results. But I do believe congrats will be in order in your near future.


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There are a few people on this website that got the good pop up and failed.


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Omg!!! Jill2Shay are you serious because I'm waiting on my results but the little hope I had is gone now since you're saying that people have failed after getting the good pop up

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Everyone that I know who has received the good pop up has passed. Additionally if you've failed, the board will remove your permit and mine is still active! Quick results in the AM for confirmation!


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There are a few people on this website that got the good pop up and failed.

Really?? Coz I never seen those posts here? and.. How long did they have the good pop up? I mean how many times?? Coz I know theres a post here that they have good pop and afterwards they end up to credi card page after doing the trick. Is that the one you're saying? having god pop up at 2-3 times and then afterwards goes to credit card page??

I THINK having good pop for so many times like until the result came they pretty accurate and passed. But having good pop up then afterwards goes to credit card page I think in that situation its pretty confusing.


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I took my NCLEX- RN yesterday morning, and the test shut off at 75 questions. I ran out and checked the PVT within the first hour and I got the "good" pop-up, but was reluctant to believe it was right until this morning when my license number was active on the BON page.

All of my classmates who did the PVT trick and received the "good" pop-up passed, and the one who was directed to the credit card page did not pass. So I'm going to say this is pretty accurate - not 100%, but close.

Good luck to everyone taking the exam!

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Just got my quick result and I passed!! PVT does work!


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I took the NCLEX-PN 6/6/13 at 2PM. I received the "good" pop up when I performed the PVT around 7:30AM today. Checked the FL DOH exam status around 10AM today. Overall examination status: PASS

Pearson Vue Trick worked for me!

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There are a few people on this website that got the good pop up and failed.

there are two pop up in pearson vue website some thought the pending pop up was the good pop up but its not.. the call your BON pop up is the real GOOD pop up..


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Congrats guys! Can you please share what are the common asked questions you got? And did you get a lot of SATA? Will take the exam next month.