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NCLEX PN------------->NCLEX RN


I'm in RN program I can get my LPN after 3rd Semester. I just finish 3rd now into 4th semester and decided to take my LPN broads. I will be able to take my RN broads after August. Was this a good decision to take my LPN broads and get me some experience before taking my RN broads in August? What is the wait for the schedule of RN broads?:yeah:

I think it is an excellent idea. I learn best with hands on experience. I am struggling to find LPN work but I am working as an aide. You still learn and it is better to be in the field one way or another!

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I also think its a good idea. Since I had already passed 1 NCLEX I wasn't at all worried about passing my RN boards like most of my classmates were. Having your LPN license to fall back on will take a lot of pressure off you as you continue on in school, imo. Good luck!

Wow! Amazing idea. I think what you did...taking your LPN boards first was a very wise decision. I think I'll follow that same thing. Thanks!;)

chevyv, BSN, RN

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I took my pn boards at the end of summer and can take my rn boards this May. I started working as a lpn this past Jan. and can honestly tell you that it was a great decision on my part. I've worked with 28 residents and 2 cna's. I've managed to hold it together. The experience I've gained (and respect for other lpn's and cna's) is invaluable! I've learned time management and prioritization. I have so much more confidence than before. I wish you the best of luck!

JUST A FYI.........That option is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to RN students in NY.

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