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NCLEX Pharmacology

by wilslisa wilslisa (New) New

What are some tips on doing well on the pharmacology portion of the NCLEX exam? I feel overwhelmed with all of the possible medications that may come up on the exam. Thanks!


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There's no way to know every med. I focused on some of the ones that are clearly important (digoxin, lithium, tamoxifen, BP meds, etc). Going too much into it was just overwhelming. I studied the ones I felt I could have down before the exam. I only had 2 or 3 med questions, including 1 calc. Do the best you can. :)

Know neuroleptic malignant syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, EPS, etc. I didn't have these questions, but they're important, and you'll want to know that stuff. I know I saw it on Kaplan a lot.


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Focus on drug classes. Know the most common side effects and the odd ones (like orange urine ect.). I liked using Mosby's memory cards. They give you tips and mnemonics to remember and focus on the things you need to know.

I really just looked at the most common ones, Dig, Lithium, Betas, ACes, ect. Thing is I only remember getting about 5 med questions, and it wasnt anything too crazy.

Thank you everyone.

Thank you :) I will be focusing mostly on the main ones. It's good to hear that there aren't too many med questions.

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I agree with all the PP. I will add dilatin to you "must know" list.

Commit to memory its therapeutic range, s/s of toxicity, teaching that should be done for pt's.