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L&D, RNC-OB, now Circulating in the Main OR
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BlueRidgeModonda has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in L&D, RNC-OB, now Circulating in the Main OR.

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  1. BlueRidgeModonda

    I'm transferring with less than a year until I graduate.... Am I crazy?!

    I don't think it's normal at all. During my first semester (of five), after passing basic competences we were on the floor; doing basic assessments, passing meds (under supervision), attending to ADL's. We built on our skills checklist in class and ...
  2. BlueRidgeModonda


    I think it depended on your state/school requirements. Most CC's here in NC require your CNA before even applying to their ADN programs. If you want to be an RN, go for your RN. Just research your school's requirements for admission into their progra...
  3. BlueRidgeModonda

    Getting blood out of scrubs/ Dying scrubs/ Crafts

    Given the fabric content and the fact you have stains and previous tye-dying you might have a hard time getting a uniform color coverage. For stains (grass, red-clay dirt, blood, berries, even sweat stains), I use a product called "AWESOME". You can...
  4. Western NC Applied for new grad program May 12 Graduated May 16 Passed NCLEX June 16 Job offer for new grad program June 30 Start Orientation on July 28 Applied at 11 local hospitals, 30+ positions.
  5. BlueRidgeModonda

    Danskos hurt my feet :(

    I second the sizing up suggestion. I wear an 8-8.5 US. I bought a size 39 thinking they'd be the right size... WRONG. I had the same pain you described. Sized up to a 40, my feet have never been happier.
  6. BlueRidgeModonda

    Do Nurses Get Traffic Tickets?

    Mr BlueRidge is a cop who wouldn't pull anyone over unless they were a known "knucklehead" or truly endangering the public. Speeding, looking at your phone, speeding up to get thru that yellow light... He's guilty of the same so he can't in good cons...
  7. BlueRidgeModonda

    What does your username mean?

    BlueRidge (current regional location) Modonda (my favorite mispronunciation, actually SLAUGHTERING, of my given name.)
  8. BlueRidgeModonda

    Anyone did Sample Test #4 in Kaplan's Qbank??

  9. BlueRidgeModonda

    What to wear to orientation?

    Didn't see the last part of your post. My grumpiness must have affected my ability to read properly.
  10. BlueRidgeModonda

    What to wear to orientation?

    ^^ let them not use Google. It thins the herd for those who dress appropriately. I'm all about natural selection. (Not feeling especially nurturing and supportive this morning) -_-
  11. BlueRidgeModonda

    NCLEX Pharmacology

    I agree with all the PP. I will add dilatin to you "must know" list. Commit to memory its therapeutic range, s/s of toxicity, teaching that should be done for pt's.
  12. BlueRidgeModonda

    New Grad RNs at Mission - Salary & Honest Opinions Please?

    If you will be living in Mars Hill, you might want to check out the jobs available in Johnson City, TN. Roughly the same amount of travel as to AVL. Mission's new grad program won't be opening another cohort class until January 2015. And getting hir...
  13. BlueRidgeModonda

    Anyone did Sample Test #4 in Kaplan's Qbank??

    That forth one almost killed me. I only scored 27%. FWIW- I completed 81% of the Qbank @ 60%. Just passed the NCLEX last month. 75 Q's. 14 of them were SATA's. Don't beat yourself silly over that 4th test.
  14. BlueRidgeModonda

    What to wear to orientation?

    Neutral color slacks, button down and appropriate shoes. Simple accessories (ie wedding ring, and earrings). Bring a professional binder/folder/organizer for paperwork. Don't forget a pen! Congrats and good luck!
  15. BlueRidgeModonda

    Pearson Vue trick 2014 -still works!

    Took my NCLEX-RN on 06/16. Got the "good" pop up while still in the parking lot, after 75 q's. Checked over the next 48 hours to make nothing changed. Today 06/18 I got unofficial confirmation that I passed AND was listed on NC BON as well. PVT has ...