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Hi all,

at this point, I'm pretty sure I know that I haven't passed. Now just waiting on the official results in the mail. but when can I sign up for my second attempt? Can I sign up at Pearson Vue now? (When I haven't even received my results in the mail, yet?) Also, does anyone know how long we have to take it and pass in VA? Do we have a time limit? I'm more determined than ever to take it and pass this next time! Do we have to submit another application in the mail with a picture again and get it notarized? Thank you sooooo much!


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How do you know for sure you didn't pass??? Don't get ahead of yourself! Wait until you get the official "pass or fail" notice. I'm not in VA so I don't know how they do things but in Florida you can pay pearson as soon as you find out you failed (I've already taken it 2 times myself, today was try #3 so I pray I passed). Also, we only get 3 tries before they make us take a review class which cost $600 and then we can take it again. But don't do anything until you know for sure! I hope you passed though!!! Good luck!


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I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and left the testing site certain that I had failed and started studing for a "redo" as soon as I got home (stopped at 83 questions). I learned today that I actually passed SHOCKED! so you probably did better than you think. Good Luck


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p one! you can call BON and ask if you passed. I took the exam 2 weeks ago and didn't pass. You have 45 days to retake it and once you called BON and confirmed you didn't pass (I hope they tell you YOU PASS!!!) then you can register w/ Pearson Vue again. It will take about a week to get your paperwork from the mail from the BON (a breakdown of how u did) and go from there! Good luck I hope you you pass... :)


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Thanks for the responses! I actually got up the courage to call, but it only confirmed what I suspected -- I didn't pass. :( Oh well, guess I'll have to saddle up and prepare for the next time!

nursetobe4 -- thanks for your advice -- I also saw that you're preparing for your second time (CONGRATS TOTALLY_LOST!!) -- maybe we can encourage each other to stay on track until the big day! When are you taking it again? Have you already signed up? Are you the one who lives near Dulles? Because I'm in NoVA, too. Maybe if you guys meet up, I can meet you, too, to sign up and study.. Already started with the Saunders!

Also, is there a book just for SATA questions? I'm terrible at those!!


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Hey p one! Yes, I have already signed up...I'm retaking it on Aug. 24th! I've done Kaplan before and now I'm redoing them. I'm also looking at Saunders to review the content. When did you take yours? I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass, but that's okay... you can take it again. Someone suggest me here to take few weeks off to recover... I was really devastated when I found out I failed... so I took a couple of weeks off of studying, allowed myself to feel sad and then I picked myself back up and get back on the gear. We can do it! I know we can...I'm constantly working on my confidence and thinking positive thoughts! I know we can do it...second time is a charm and we will be RNs...SOON! :)


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Hey nursetobe! Took my nclex last thursday, but haven't signed up for the second one, yet. still waiting for my paperwork to show up in the mail. I did Kaplan, too, but right now I feel like I maxed out their use - ha! don't know if I should take the course again yet. do you think it'd be worthwhile? For now I think I need to focus on Saunders because I have to do a lot of content review! Been taking some of the tests and so far it's like I need to review every other one! Oh well, thanks for the encouragement! And you're right - we can do this! Let's show them! :yeah:


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Thank you =)

I honestly think you should focus on Saunders, that's what got me through the test for my 3rd attempt. I did Kaplan the first 2 times and it didn't help me. But then I read the Saunders book from cover to cover, did all the questions at the end of each chapter and did alot of their test bank questions from the cd (not all 4,000 though) and I have to say that's what FINALLY helped me to get through it! Don't waste your money on Kaplan again because they don't change their questions, it's going to be the same material you already covered. Good luck to CAN and WILL get through this test, just keep studying and have faith in yourself, and PRAY for God to carry you through and He will!!!


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Man I just took my test on the 24th and I have the feeling that I didn't pass also but I'm still waiting on my results. Not to sound cheesy, but I really feel uplifted my reading the remarks from this thread I would just like to thank you guys for being so positive


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Totally lost -- how long did you study before you decided to take it? Everyone is telling me that I should take it right when the 45 days are up, because the longer I wait, the more info. from school I'm likely to forget, but I think I rushed it the first time, and maybe I need to take some more time until I really feel ready? Thank you!

Champ -- I'm glad to hear that! Hope you're having an easier time of it than I am!! Good luck! We can do this!


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i m gonna take my nclex pn 2nd time by aug 10

dont read only review book weather its saunder or any book. becuase saunder has lot of info which is very hard to remeber everything... u must have review book only for reference ( if u dont know any disease then go and look in review book ) but do lot of questions from cd or book......the more u do questions then more u will be able to crack answer.. i have learned lot of things from exam cram question and answer book, which has only 1000 questions and the way they write very i m doing nclex-pn made incredibly easy! which has 3000 questions then i m gonna take board exam by aug 10......... so do 5000 to 6000 thousands questions

as u know every disease has sign and symtoms which is look like same for everyone like headache dizziness nausea so dont focued sign and symptoms because in board u will get only 2 or 3 signs and symptoms question focus on something good.......

i got lot of question like which pt need private room? or if pt has this type of disease then which roomate is good for him? u need to know when u need to wear gloves gown mask very important.....hope my advice will help u

i can write more but u gonna have difficult to read everything......every body want to read only 2 or 3 lines


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You guys, I was feeling sick to my stomach until I read these. I took my test on Saturday, and my results are still not available on the automated verification line. EFFFFF. Can I study with you guys??

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