NCLEX Mastery app on phone helped me pass the NCLex

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After I failed my Nclex the first time I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. I studied 4-5 hours a day and thought I was ready...wrong! I got 122 questions and got a big fat fail...I had to change something the next go round to pass. So I bought the NCLEX Mastery App for my iPhone after reading it had a 200% money back guarantee. I read a lot of reviews and everyone loved it and people were passing! It has 1600 practice nclex style questions in all subjects. It also has where you can mark the question red, yellow, or green. Red meaning don't know, yellow meaning kind of know, and green meaning you know it. After you complete all the questions you could go back and retake all of them or just the ones you missed. It also has mnemonics that helped me remember things. This app helped me pass the second time because you don't realize how much you look at your phone and instead of hoping on Facebook while waiting for your Dr appt you can get on this app and do some practice questions anywhere you go. I felt as if i wasn't studying enough because I didn't have paper spread out everywhere, but this is what you need to pass this test. Not memorizing 2 years worth of facts and information. It gave me the confidence to answer the questions correctly and the cherry on's only $30!! Better than that $200 review. Good luck everyone!!!!


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... but what do we do in 'droid world?

Congrats on passing!

I know people who used it who don't have iPhones. I would google it and look into it! Good luck to you!!! Thank you!

... but what do we do in 'droid world?

Congrats on passing!

Yes I have an android and I have it. Just search for it in the Google play store. It's awesome

Planning to purchase it. Does it have a lot of alternate format questions? Do you see the questions somewhat the same on the actual exam?

Yes it does! I thought it was very similar to the actual test!!!!!! I actually was worried cause the test I actually passed seemed easier than the one I failed because normally if you're getting easier questions you're not doing good but that wasn't the case I just actually knew the material!

also had that app on my android phone. used it for practice during break time at my work. passed my nclex exam on my third take =)

Thanks guys! Congrats! Can't wait to use it and pass the actual exam :)

I would very much like to purchase this, however I am in PN school and I am unsure as to whether I should purchase the PN now and then the RN next year. My teacher thought the RN version would cover everything plus some...just worried I might overwhelm myself with unnecessary information.

Thanks for an input you might like to share.

Congrats ! I Love this app . I test in about three weeks . I'm using the app and Saunders . After I finish those two I was thinking about buying the ncsbn review (just for the questions) not for the content . Praying I pass my nclex

Did you use any other resources?

Our school does ATI (we have the full game with a 3 day in person review also!) and I don't know if I should be studying something else or not. I have done a few on the *free* version and literally just paid for the full version. I really like the format and the rationale ALWAYS helps me! I will be done in May so for me this is perfect to do whenever I have "down" time. which is when my kids are in bed!