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just wondering as to how the others handled the repeated questions given to them. do they change their answers? or stick with it? does this mean you've been constantly answering them incorrectly??

needing your advice.thanks!

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On my NCLEX-PN, I got a few questions that seemed like they were the same question. But they were worded diff and yes I did change my answer. I dont know if it does that to make sure u know your stuff meaning u are so certain of your answer u do not change it or its trying to give u another chance to get the answer correct so it asked you again just a little differently. I dont know if that helped me pass, but I passed with 85.

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I have nothing to verify this with, but whether you are taking the NCLEX-PN or RN...here is how I think it works.

I think that the exam has a "bank" of questions that are probably labeled (for example) Level 1, Level 2, Level 3...and so forth, as far as difficulty.

I think when you answer a question, let's say, on Level 2...and you are supposed to get a Level 3 question, that it RANDOMLY pulls from the Level 3 question bank. I don't think that the questions, other than content such as medication, priority, etc...are subcatatorized any further.

I think this explains why some studnets get a lot of medication calculation questions, some get none, some get a huge number of SATA questions, others get none.


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Well I got 6 of the EXACT same TYPE of medication calculation question. The only thing different about them were the amounts of the drug and weight of the patients. I know for certain that I got every single one of them wrong, so that kind of leads me to believe that the test kept giving me them because it knew I couldn't figure it out. Ah well, passed anyway!


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My friend just had that experience! I decided to research it and this is was NCSBN says:

"Similar Items

Occasionally, a candidate may receive an item that seems to be very similar to an item received earlier in the examination. This could happen for a variety of reasons. For example, several items could be about similar symptoms, diseases, or disorders, yet address different phases of the nursing process. Alternatively, a pretest (unscored) item could be about content similar to an operational (scored) item. It is incorrect to assume that a second item, which is similar in content to a previously administered item, is administered because the candidate answered the first item incorrectly. The candidate is instructed to always select the answer believed to be correct for each item administered. All examinations conform to their respective test plan."

This means that don't think that you got the answer wrong and now have a chance to correct it... You may be right!

Be Confident in your answer choices!!

Hope that helps =o)

Source: 2007 NCLEX RN Detailed Test Plan Candidate on https://www.ncsbn.org/1287.htm


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thank you so much RNs! especially to lovethisnurse for the info. this definitely helps!

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I got 4 similar repeat questions and I know for SURE I got them all right.

I did NOT change my answers. For example, I got one that asked about a certain classification of drugs. Then 4 questions later, I got the same exact question, instead of giving classification of drugs, it gave a drug name (that was from the classification of drugs) and the question included the EXACT same answers, in the EXACT same order. I selected the answer I selected the first time and kept going.

I think NCLEX do that to see if you will question yourself and change your answer to something that may harm the patient.

Do NOT change your answers!


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thank you so much RNs! especially to lovethisnurse for the info. this definitely helps!


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