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nclex exam

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. can you tell me how many hours/day i should study and what are the books i should refer?

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I am not a nurse but would have to guess that it depends on you. How much you think you know and how confortable you are upon taking the practice tests. Good luck. :)

You should prepare for at least six weeks before the exam. I only like Saunders' Comprehensive Reivew for the NCLEX-RN. Pleas do a review of some of the posts here to see much that has already been written on this topic.

THis sounds like an advertisement. I would be leary of this suggestion/recommendation.

I deleted the statement that you were quoting..........Suzanne

THis sounds like an advertisement. I would be leary of this suggestion/recommendation.

YES! It's a whopping $500 to do it too! He suggested the site to me too. I looked, but that's OK! I'm just trying to dig up the $300 to take the test again!

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I studied for 6 wks but studied hard for 4 wks. 2 wks I did 200+questions a day and the other weeks I did 100-150. One day I week I would set aside time to review my weak areas and take notes or try to remember why and what is going on in the body.

I used the following books.

Lippincott Q&A


Saunders Q&A

NCLEX101:How to Pass on the first try by Sylvia Rayfield

NCLEX Comprehensive Review by NEC

Medical Surgical Recall by Tamara Bickson (this was my bible for looking up diseases)

Hurst online review & extra material (excellent review course)

Kaplan (training CD only


I mostly used lippincott. I did about 2,000 in this book. Very challeging questions. Saunders is good for helping your focus on your weak areas. Both lippincott and Saunders give great rationals and this is what is important.

Good luck!

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