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26, married, one son who is 4 named Carson

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  1. misaginder

    Just took NCLEX today

    Hey! I took mine today too! It was my 3rd time, however. I had 75 the first time, 219 the second, and today I had the whopping 265! Who knows really, how I did. Some I definately knew, which scared me a little knowing that I could be doing badly, but there were several difficult questions that I had no clue and had to narrow down, prioritize, and guess. Nevertheless, it really SUCKED!!!!
  2. misaginder

    nclex exam

    YES! It's a whopping $500 to do it too! He suggested the site to me too. I looked, but that's OK! I'm just trying to dig up the $300 to take the test again!
  3. misaginder

    Encouragement needed,... Didn't PASS MY BOARDS!

    Sorry! I'm sure it's a good program, but I am trying to dig up the $300 it's going to take me to retake the stinking test,... don't have $500 for more studying material. I have plenty of stuff to review, I just need to really crack down and do it. I removed the quote from your post, since that post has already been deleted. Suzanne
  4. misaginder

    How many questions did you take? Pass/fail?

    Took 75, didn't pass. But have had a lot of friends with 75 and passed, and 265 and passed. Another gal and I in class are the only 2 I know of who didn't pass, but we've had too much stress in our lives lately... makes I difference I think. One of the gals who did pass with 75 didn't even study! She was afraid it would freak her out too much! Must be nice! CONGRATS to all of you who did pass,... believe me it SUCKS not to have passed.
  5. misaginder

    Encouragement needed,... Didn't PASS MY BOARDS!

    Thanks to everyone who has posted,.. you have all lifted my spirits. I have a very supportive family and awesome friends, but no one really knows unless they've been in your shoes. I'm going to get out there and kick some butt!!!! (when it's time) MELISSA :roll
  6. here's my problem. i have been wanting to be a nurse for a really long time, it's always been something i felt i had a nack for. so, this may i graduated an adn nursing program as an rn. how awesome! but, since then, there has been a lot of bumps in my career path.... which feels more like tall mountains. i had two interviews right after graduating for jobs, and didn't get either position. (at the time i was horrified, but i felt it was good "practice" for upcoming interviews.) i lost a brother-in-law in a car crash on july 9th, and his funeral was the day i was supposed to take my boards! ack! thinking i was ready, i rescheduled them for that next week. i had 2 more interviews in that time span, and 1 of them were depended on if i passed my boards. i would have had a job! low and behold, i didn't pass my boards. :angryfire i am hoping to take them again the end of september, or early october. i had such hopes of having a job by now and being an actual working rn! i am just getting really down this summer with everything going on! i just want to know, i guess, if there are other people in my boat! or have at least been there. i know a lot of people don't pass their first time taking the test, but i guess i just need some encouragement. i hate having to pay all that money, again, to take the test. we are taking that test so that we can get a job and make the money... we don't have it yet!! i know things have to get better, it's just really hard to see all the people that were in class with you pass their boards and all have jobs, ya know? melissa