Wheeeew! Isnt this odd? ....

  1. Hey guys.. I took NCLEX-RN yesterday, Nov. 9, 2007. I was so nervous and until now i still cant stop thinking about the exam. It still bothers me and the questions pop-up in my mind even without thinking about it. My exam had 5 computations, lotsa lotsa meds i forgot to count, only 3 Select all that apply and it came out in number 71 and 72 and i forgot the next, and guess what... i was hoping ill stop at 75 cause i dont wanna answer anymore questions but it didnt. It stopped at number 78!!! i was shocked and isnt that odd?? whats the meaning of that? I know we cant determine if we pass/fail the exam by the number of questions but i commonly hear people that they stop at either 75 or 265. Any opinions about that guys?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    No significance (sorry). People pass and fail at all numbers between 75 and 265... the computer continues until it can make a pass/fail decision with 95% certainty. There really is no hidden meaning.
  4. by   nub4sh
    Well yea.. i know about that but i just find it odd and i just cant believe i stopped at 78.
  5. by   EricJRN
    Good luck on your results! Let us know what happens.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck
  7. by   nub4sh
    anyone who passed who had more than 75 questions but less than 100?? Anyone please?
  8. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from nub4sh
    anyone who passed who had more than 75 questions but less than 100?? Anyone please?
    LOTS of people do! The number doesn't matter at all. Just enjoy the fact that it's OVER! Go do something fun
  9. by   nub4sh
    Well yea.. im glad that i was over and it didnt got long through 265 questions. Im just afraid of the result. It will still be in december. My friends and i are arguing, if you got ALOT of Select all that apply you passed the exam, is that true? Coz i've been reading here in this forum that it really doesnt matter if you have many SATA questions.
  10. by   federal
    good luck. go shopping while waiting.... i know u did your best. Believe in HIM!
  11. by   Bopeepinwv
    I'm not sure it will help or not but my test stopped at 108..... and I passed. Here in WV, you can get online and find out usually within 24-48 hours if you passed. It took me 48 hrs to find out.
    Anyway, like I said I stopped at 108 and my friend's stopped at 105.
  12. by   nub4sh
    federal - thank you. I don't have enough cash to do that right now. Im hoping that i pass so that i can do that. :P

    Bopeepinwv - Congrats to you. I hope soon ill receive a white small envelop stating that i pass the NCLEX. I applied in Cali so ill be waiting for about a month to receive my result.
  13. by   jc449
    Don't worry--like I have room to say that, I am a wreck too... Anyway, my friend stopped at 77. She passed.
  14. by   nub4sh
    Well.. in that case, im not the only one who experienced this. Thank God.