waiting for my ATT...ugh!

  1. Well, I'm in the horrible place I call LIMBO. My school submitted all my paperwork last week (and I am unfortunately the first person since they started a new policy that they are submitting paperwork) so now I'm just waiting to get my ATT. As I understand it, my BON will notify the NCLEX people and they will send me my ATT, right? It is so frustrating to keep telling people that I am just waiting to take my boards. Every day I go to work (as an aide on the same floor I will have a nursing job) and everybody asks when I'm taking the NCLEX. I just want to wear a sign that says I am not scheduled yet! Did it take you guys very long to get your ATT? I gave my e-mail address for them to contact me.
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  3. by   onduty23
    bon doesnt send att. they send gradurate license if your state has that. pearson vue send att after you pay your 200 and they verified that your state bon has certify you to take the test.
  4. by   malire
    I'm still waiting for my ATT from MD Board of Nursing. I submitted everything, they cashed my check, they should have received my transcripts the 1st wk of Feb. I don't know why it takes so long for ATT. I'm registered with Pearson Vue so I expect they'll email me as soon as I get ATT. I check the website every couple days just to make sure. Can it really take 4-6wks to get ATT?
  5. by   cute_cabbage2005
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  6. by   cute_cabbage2005
    [QUOTE=malire;2070891]I'm still waiting for my ATT from MD Board of Nursing. I submitted everything, they cashed my check, they should have...

    I would give Pearson a call. I got my ATT the same day I registered and I did that online. But I would call them anyways....4-6 weeks is a long time.
  7. by   onduty23
    if youre board of nursing doesnt have your info completed you wont get your att from pearsonvue. check with bon first than pearsonvue
  8. by   suzanne4
    Pearson-Vue will only release the ATT after they have received the permission of the state BON and have received your $200 payment. Both are required before you will get the ATT.

    The BON does not mail the ATT.
  9. by   malire
    Yeah, I've paid Pearson Vue the $200 and submitted everything to the BON. I'm just waiting to receive the ATT. I emailed the BON to make sure my application is complete with no word back yet. I think they're just really slow. I never received an application by mail which I requested multiple times, I ended up having to go all the way to their office to pick one up (and I live 3 states away!). I'll try calling on Tuesday. Thanks for the help!