Valentine's NCLEX and the PVT

  1. I took it today too... shut off at 75 questions. I got a boatload of SATA questions and one that made me LOL about humor as a nonpharmacologic pain relief. It made me channel a friend so I cracked up. Then when I got to question 74, I made sure to take my time on 75 because I'd heard you have to get the last question right to pass for sure. Anyway, all in all, the bark was WAY worse than it's bite. I should not have stressed over it. I definitely think the Kaplan test prep questions were scarier and harder. I think I only got 2 drug questions, 1 OB, 1 neonatal, and no peds.

    I got this pop up just now: "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Is that the good one? I'm in CA and the FAQ says 2-4 weeks for results. Anyone in CA see a license on the BRN site sooner than that?
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  3. by   PinkNBlue
    Apparently it is the good pop up. I got the same one. I refuse to believe it. LOL

    CONGRATS! I'm glad you thought it wasn't too bad. I felt like I knew nothing on the test. :-\
  4. by   watermelon21
    Hey Apgar10

    Did you only use kaplan qbanks, qtrainer and its course book to study? What were your scores on the qbanks and qtrainer if you don't mind sharing? I'm also in CA and will be taking my test in the 23rd. Very nervous!! And what was your study plan? I've already finished the course book and I've been pretty much just doing whatever questions now cause I've already finished the qbanks as well. I'm saving qtrainer 7 for maybe a few days before my test. Any input would be so much of a help, thanks!
  5. by   Apgar10
    I did the Kaplan classes and trainers as they were assigned. I worked through 65% of the Qbank questions and averaged about 60% on them... sometimes up to 68% and as low as 48% depending on my attention span I scored 65% on the Readiness and Trainer 7 (two days before). I only cracked open the Kaplan book before I went to sleep last night and scanned through it quickly. I didn't have a study plan. I just tried to do about 100-150 questions a day. I had another book but didn't really pay attention to it.
  6. by   Sapphirestarr
    You know, I really really hope that I can walk out of that testing site unfazed by the NCLEX then come home and realize I passed! Lol. You're lucky, congrats!
  7. by   watermelon21
    Is it true that the topics on the nclex are topics that weren't even covered on kaplan? A lot of people say that yes it's the same format as kaplan (the questions), but the topics were unheard of. That's what I'm worried about. Did you watch the videos for kaplan? And did you find it helpful? What about for pharm? How'd you study for it? Haha sorry for the millions of questions..just so anxious now.
  8. by   Tashy Mary Kay
    Check in CA BON in a few days. They tend to post it there quickly.
  9. by   Yownyown
    its a good pop up! CONGRATULATIONS!

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    So I'm an RN! I took the test on the 14th, the license was issued on the 16th, and posted to the CA BRN website on the 17th Yay me!!
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    Quote from Apgar10
    So I'm an RN! I took the test on the 14th, the license was issued on the 16th, and posted to the CA BRN website on the 17th Yay me!!
    [FONT=comic sans ms]CONGRATULATIONS [FONT=comic sans ms]