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  1. AwesomeGod

    Is PVT still working?

    Sure just try it..... Goodluck!
  2. AwesomeGod

    What's in your pocket - ER Style

    2 pairs of gloves, alcohol swaps, sheet of paper, ballpen and stethoscope
  3. AwesomeGod

    Interview tips please

    I am a new grad RN I have interview for a MED A position, am clueless and don't even know how to prepare for it please help!!!
  4. AwesomeGod

    Valentine's NCLEX and the PVT

  5. AwesomeGod

    So I took the NCLEX today and......

  6. AwesomeGod

    Nclex in two weeks( feb-14)

    Oh yes i think you should try again!!!! Cos one of my friends did the same thing boost out in tears when she saw $200 without clicking next, she tried it again and found out that she passed!!!!!!!! This time make sure you click next, in the next page, you should see the good pop or cc page goodluck!
  7. AwesomeGod

    HELP NCLEX tips needed!

    Look for cram sheet and scan thru.. Think about s&s of common medical problems associate them to apprioprate labs and meds also know their basic theraputic ranges, make sure you are straight with your calculations, know common psych problems,prior/dele and you will be good goodluck!
  8. AwesomeGod

    Tips for priortization quest.....

    Acute b4 chronic Hypo b4 hyper Neuro b4 physio Always abc first... Always follow maslow hi goodluck!
  9. AwesomeGod

    Need much help

    I would suggest you get a review class to refresh your memeory of the things you learned in school 20years ago... also remember that alot of things may have changed so you will really need to consider a comprehensive review class. Goodluck!
  10. AwesomeGod

    How long have you been preparing for the nclex?

    I did 4weeks intensive study and I passed the first try. If you set a standard study schedule you should be able to get thru... you have time Goodluck on your test!
  11. AwesomeGod

    Scared to DEATH

    Try to relax your tension....Nclex can be tricky but not that serious. 1. little trick to SATA quest..--> think and try to group options, there is definatly one or more that is not related to the question. 2. Prioritization...> think ABC and safety first. 3.Delegation--> Think stable vs unstable, acute vs chronic. once you know how to apply these technique you will get more questions right... Goodluck!
  12. AwesomeGod

    PASSED NCLEX 1st time....

  13. AwesomeGod

    PVT is real

  14. AwesomeGod

    hurst review HELLP!!!!!

    I used hurst review and it was very helpful as in content but their questions was just too easy so I used ATI questions cos it was more challenging. I did used kaplan but from comments I learnt that their questions is actually tighter than the real exam which if good. so keep doing kaplan .
  15. AwesomeGod

    PVT is real

  16. AwesomeGod

    PVT is real

    You passed be happy

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