Took the NCLEX PN twice and failed!!!!

  1. Hey guys, I'm here to share bad news with u guys. I took my test on Saturday and the computer gave me the whole test of 205 questions. I felt very confident when I left the testing center that I passed. Monday comes and I get the bad news that I failed... I am so depressed about this... The reason why I am so frustrated now is because I live in the State of Florida and u only get 3 tries. This is my second try and I just don't know what to do. Since I finished Nursing School, my memory has gone bad or I am just not focusing at all to retain the information....HELP . I am definitely not giving up but I need to get my mind focused... Does anyone have any suggestion?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I'm sorry you didn't pass. Have you done any review programs? Hang in there, Jules
  4. by   Paleobug
    If you fail again after the third try, you can apply for a license in other states that are unlimited in the amount of times you can take the test. Then, once you do pass in that other state, you can reapply for license in Florida without taking NCLEX again.
  5. by   nadu13
    Yes, I did take a review but it was a while ago... I must admit I shouldn't have wait that long but I do plan on taking another review course hope fully right b4 I take the test again. Thank You, Jules A

    Hey, thanks Paleobug! I will definitely keep that in mind bcuz I most certainly do not want to have to take a remedial course for 90 days b4 I can retake it again.
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    I'm sorry you didn't pass your exam . Maybe you should consider using Suzanne's plan. She has a sticky on the top of this forum that says "First tip of my new study guide." You follow that tip to its entirety. After you do that, you can PM Suzanne your email and she will send you her plan. Her plan is 6 weeks in length. I personally never tried her plan, but everyone who's done it has passed. She has like a 100% pass rate. People who have failed multiple times have passed using her plan. The plan requires you to have the Saunders Comprehensive Review book and nothing else. Hope this helps and good luck!
  7. by   nadu13
    Thanks, LenaRN06! I will definitely do that.... I love this site sooo much
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Quote from nadu13
    Thanks, LenaRN06! I will definitely do that.... I love this site sooo much
    No problem I love this site too...very informative and we are a supportive bunch.
  9. by   blessed1702
    Keep the faith, I'll pray for you! I will be taking the NCLEX for the third time on Oct 4th! It's a long road but we can do it! Please don't give up, you've gone so far already!
  10. by   raremoon22
    Sorry, to here that you failed your exam. But, If you fail the exam 3 times in Florida you will have to take a refresher course before you can sit for the exam again. So all hope is not lost in the state of Florida. Wishing you all the best.
  11. by   nadu13
    Thank you guys..... I appreciate the love!!!!!
  12. by   luv2shop19mall
    Quote from nadu13
    Thank you guys..... I appreciate the love!!!!!
    dont be depressed.. i took it 5xs and waiting for the results.. oh no.. now im really scared. i stopped at 205.. shihs.. thats sad. why would it even let you go that far.. now im having mixed feelings again.. i was already over it. now im worried again.. i hate this
  13. by   luv2shop19mall
    [quote=nadu13]Thank you guys..... I appreciate the love!!!!![/quoote. ohnow im really worried. ive been eating ice cream cuz im so worried ;(
  14. by   cristobal
    try and kaplan complete course. good luck. try to think positive and cheer up. don't let depression take your confidence away. you have the brain or you would not graduate nursing. you just have to learn test taking skills, how nclex test makers think, and a good drill on application problems. I suggest you work in the hospital even just as a part time CNA to be familiar with hospital environment, procedures and interaction with patients and real situations that might help you with the test. Read review books but focus more on answering sample test. Eventually, your speed and accuracy will increase. Relax and be good to yourself. Exercise and take care of your health. Family and friends are good support, but they do not really know what your are going through. You made a good choice coming to this site. Soon you will be a licenced nurse and be able to laugh at this. Take care.