Took NCLEX_PN twice but didnot pass

  1. I'm so happy for those that passed the NCLEX. I wish I was in their shoes. I live in Minneapolis. I graduated in Dec 2006. I took the NCLEX exam twice but failed. This made me more depressing. The first time I got 192 questions, but the second time, I got only 85 questions. I thought that I was gonna pass for sure the second time, but to my surprise I didnot. This is killing me. I really want to pass the test. I went thru Mosby's, Kaplan, Saunders & Lippincott books but never worked much on the cd's. So this time I thought that I should work more on the Cd, so I'm taking one test a day. I got my work permit recently but now I'm in a position where I cannot do anything until I pass. I really don't like working as a CNA. Can anyone please tell me any jobs that I can do without having a license. Also let me know if there are any LPN jobs in Minnesota that I can do without taking care of patients...for example like in a office typing patient data, etc...
    Also give me suggestions/advices how to study for the test. I feel like a big burden on my shoulders. I'm anxiously waiting for the day of relief. Honestly at one point I felt like God was not helping me at all. I don't know what to thing....this is killing me and making me very sad. I want to be happy and enjoy life like my friends do.
    Also can you tell me the salary for LPN's in Minnesota if you have any clue. Some of my friends earn like 16$/hr. I feel bad when I think of them beacuse, V all studied in the same school and almost everyone passed the 1st time. I guess I'm the only one in this position. Please help me guys....please pray for me.....I don't want to spend my time sitting idle and getting depressed. I want to work like my friends . I want to get busy too. I'm married for 4 years and didnot plan too have kids because of my studies. Now it's becoming too late. I really want to pass for sure this time and have kids. The only reason I thought was, if I have kids, I cannot concentrate on my studies.
    I guess u guys know what I'm going thru.....kindly help!!!

    I'm really bad with med questions. I guess out of 10 I might answer only one /two. I know this very bad, but I can't help it out with meds. I'm very very verrryyy weak at byhearting/remembering them. Please help me with tips that I can use towards remembering these horrible med questions.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I doubt you can get work as LPN even in an office until you pass NCLEX. Check out Suzanne's program, all information can be found in the sticky First New Revised First Tip and good luck
  4. by   caliotter3
    I also advise that you use Saunders Comprehensive Review and Suzanne4's plan exclusively this time. Many people have been successful using Suzanne's plan. It works. Good luck.
  5. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i am sorry you can't work as a LPN without the license. but i would check out suzanne's plan. you will pass this hurdle. my prayers are with you... do not give up..ever