Took NCLEX today with 75 questions! What does that mean? I think I flunked. - page 8

I just took the NCLEX today in CA and I was in there for about 1 3/4 hours and it shut off at 75 questions. I got a few pick all that apple, a few calculations, some mass casualty, but very few... Read More

  1. by   dvadams
    I am in the same exact boat. 75 questions and I walked out of there so upset. My results should be up tomorrow...soooo scared. I really hope I didn't fail. I studied for a month 150 questions a day bumped it up the last week to 200 questions and took a review course offered by my school. The waiting is the worst part!
  2. by   woofrn
    Yup, it was slightly surreal sitting in front of the computer about to begin the NCLEX. After what seemed like a lifetime of studying for this exam I was finally there. The last week I had been on lockdown for a midsummer study sesh... the absolute last thing I wanted to do the summer after graduation. Each question I was thinking in my head 'yup, I have no idea like ...I guess it could be this letter' so that I could move on to the next question ..which was always as ridiculously tough the last. At question 75 my computer shut off and I had no doubt in my mind that I had failed. I am always an optimist and never got anxiety before or after any nursing exam.. ever. Surprisingly, after taking the NCLEX I wanted to vom. I was just like ok... so just 45 days, $200, and my job that I had lined up are all down the drain. After obsessively checking the DPH website to see if my license had been posted. Pearson vue's pay $8 thing came up and I kinda felt like I might as well not waste $8 because I definitely failed anyway. I could use it toward the retest I would now have to pay for..anyway, I was too enticed to know the results and whipped out the visa. As my mom was yelling to me from upstairs that I can pay to know my results I was already typing in the numbers. Crossed the fingers on both hands as the page was loading and somehow it said EXAMINATION FOR REGISTERED NURSES GRADE: PASS. I thought for sure that I failed, I even read this exact blog about the chances of failing in 75. ..Apparently it's a good sign if you get 75, although in my case I didn't exactly believe that. Apparently you are supposed to feel like you failed. Guess its just the way it is. You got through nursing school and this is the last test you will ever have to take in your life! Wish ya luck future nurses. Ciao!! ~The Newest RN
  3. by   okguy
    umm most people that get 75 q pass but 86% of anyone who takes the test passes!!!

    We are supposed to be scientific in our approach to this. Seems we throw it all away when it effects us personally.