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hello everyone, i just came home. took my nclex-rn exam for the third time. i had all 265 questions 1 med calc 10 select all that apply lots of meds @ priority i'm so frustrated and tired.... Read More

  1. by   jess2007
    thank you suzy253 !

    in a few hours i will check my "quick results". i'm so nervous. my hands are shaking every time i'm next to my computer right now. i'm praying and hoping god hears me.

    last few hours are craaaaaaazy hours.

    o.k. now it's time to have a cup of cofee.:smilecoffeecup:
    Relax Jess!!! I bet you DID IT!!!! If I was a betting women my money would be on you!! Good Luck!!!:spin: I know it is stressful!

    I will be taking the test again for the fifith time in November!
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    hang in there, soon be over
  4. by   malefish77
    I feel nervous too reading your thread.. Huh, but anyway I know you can make it Jess.. WOW it makes me shaky too.. I can feel that too.. Jess Whatever it is just say thank you..
  5. by   DutchgirlRN
    Third times a charm! Best of Luck.
  6. by   jess2007
    thank you all !!:flowersfo!:flowersfo:flowersfo

    i'm still waiting for my "quick results".
  7. by   malefish77
    Quote from jess2007
    thank you all !!:flowersfo!:flowersfo:flowersfo

    i'm still waiting for my "quick results".
    huhh... pls dont do that.. it makes me giddy.. i thought you're revealing the result.. pray some more.. ok.. take a deep breath before you pay for quick result.. then way to go..... what a suspense... goodluck.....
  8. by   jess2007
    i passed !!!
  9. by   JbelRN83
    Quote from jess2007
    i passed !!!
    congratulations jess2007

    omg i was reading you first post and my exam was exactly the same way. hopefully i'll have the same outcome i have one more day to wait for my quick results. congratulations again!!!!!!
  10. by   Silverdragon102
  11. by   suzy253
    Congratulations Jess RN!!
  12. by   sunshine500
    CongratulationsYou are going to be an excellent nurse!!! I knew you could do it!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   StarMatrix17
    :roll:roll:roll You're already a winner. Now it is time to claim your good fortune. The moment you were born you won the grandest prize anyone could ever hope to imagine. You got in on the ground floor of the biggest opportunity in the universe.

    You're wonderfully alive. You can sense, you can perceive, you can think, you can act, you can make things happen. You have access to a world full of resources, and you have the time each day to make the most of them. With desire to push you forward, and wisdom to keep you steady, you can be, and do, and experience, and go to, and become whatever you decide.

    The grand prize is yours. Now is the day to claim it. Life is yours. Now is a great day to live it. The shortcomings and disappointments you've experienced are nothing compared to the possibilities you now can grasp.

    A universe filled with opportunity begins precisely where you are right now and spreads out infinitely in all directions. The higher you reach, the higher you'll go. The more you put into your life, the more magnificent it will become. Live this day as a winner. Claim and make the most of that special, priceless prize that is your life. :yeahthat::yeahthat::yeahthat: