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  1. jess2007

    Night shift nurses

    i sleep, sleep, and sleep again.
  2. jess2007

    risks to loose my license

    hi guys, i need your advise. i'm getting off orientation next week (forced to do so). i feel i'm not ready yet. i tried to speak out and prolong my orientation time but nobody wants to hear that. my hospital is very short on staff and they want me to work on a regular basis as soon as possible. another problem is that there will be no nurses on my shift who have been working on my unit for a # of years. there will be 3 nurses total: 2 new grads + 1 "agency" nurse, or 2 "agency" nurses + myself. i'm very frustrated and i think that this environment is very unsafe to practice in. i would appreciate any advise or opinion. Jess
  3. jess2007

    Ncsbn 3-week Or 5-week Course ?

    my average was 55-70 %.
  4. jess2007

    STOP at 265 items

    i also had 265 and passed !!!
  5. jess2007

    Ncsbn 3-week Or 5-week Course ?

    it's the same amount of questions (appr. 900-1000) for 3 weeks or 5 weeks of course.
  6. jess2007

    fed up- cant get a job

    it is exactly what i said. i was very upset because i really wanted to work in that hospital. unfortunately their doors are locked for me 'til i get some experience.
  7. jess2007

    Ncsbn 3-week Or 5-week Course ?

    course is the same even if you sign up for 5 weeks. it only depends how much time do you have to study every day. if you study little by little i sugest to sign up for 5 weeks. if you have lots of time to study then 3 weeks is enough.
  8. jess2007

    fed up- cant get a job

    i graduated in may 2007. failed nclex a few times. finally got my license in october. applied to every hospital in my area. still have no offer. very frustrated right now. i had one inteview though not so long ago. it was very unprofessional. there were asked questions such as why i couldn't pass my board exam. in addition i don't have much of working experience. i was stay-home mom (3 children). i'm very frustrated. :(
  9. jess2007

    Pregnant New Grad needs advice

    i've just learned that it's not easy to find a RN job several months after graduation. nobody wants to admit it, but it's true.
  10. jess2007

    Another November RN

    :icon_hug::yelclap::smiley_aasunshine500, congrats !!! :icon_hug::yelclap::smiley_aa i'm so proud of you. now it's time to finally relax and enjoy this holiday season !!!:ball: jess, rn
  11. jess2007

    A NCLEX question

    1 gr = 60 mg (you have to know this formula for your nclex) !!!! there are x (10 gr) = 600 mg so you give 2 tabs !!!
  12. jess2007

    Is Kaplan Review Course Worth It?

    i didn't use kaplan. i think it costs a lot of money and you still don't know if you will pass. saunders book is a good book to use for a review. i also recomend www.learningext.com (3 weeks-49$).
  13. jess2007

    Just failed NCLEX-RN 2nd time

    i failed twice too. i finally passed on my third try with 265 q. one thing i can say : keep trying, don't give up, you will pass, soon or later we all pass !!! good luck
  14. jess2007

    failed using suzzanes tip.. help!

    try www.learningext.com for 3 weeks or 5 weeks. you can also buy Kaplan strategy book (25$).
  15. jess2007

    Success Study Tips

    thank you, guys. one more psych tip from me: there were many times when i was discouraged and frustrated, but.... every time i studied i had my nursing diploma on my table (in front of my eyes). i kept telling myself i have a degree, i worked hard for it, i have enough knowledge to pass this test and i will pass this test !
  16. jess2007

    FL board of nursing rules...

    just call your BON and ask all the Qs you have about Nclex exam ( i contacted my BON a few times).