Took 6th time today...I KNOW I failed!

  1. Hey! I had I think 100 questions. Around 98 or so it asked me to take a break and I said no. 2 questions later it shuts off. But, I know I got the last question wrong because I looked it up. And, since I have taken this so many times I know how that works! I am so miserable right now. Yeah, I graduated 6 years ago, but I did Suzanne's plan, along with studying my butt off. Do you know how humiliating it is to be her first "failure". You probably are all thinking, "well, you don't know the results yet, so you don't know if you failed". But, when you are passed 75 and you do get your last question wrong, I have NEVER met nor heard of anyone that passed. My life is finally stable and I'm happy. I don't understand why God doesn't want me to be a nurse! I am so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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  3. by   nadu13
    Oh no Kemerick that is not the way to think at all. I know a lot of friends who had more than 75 questions and they passed. Now if used Suzanne's Study Guide just like she said then I know u passed. Give it a chance b4 u start blowing it all out of proportion. I know we will be hearing u pass soon....Go out and relax ur mind b4 u drive ur self
  4. by   Pucca73
    There was someone had last question wrong but still pass the test. Until you recieve your final result, you will never really know what is going on. Stay positive. Pray for you.
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    the last answer doesnt make you win or loose. dont loose hope. believe that you passed nclex and it will be done. hang in there. be positive. enjoy the wait. dont think about other people's negative opinion. what matters most is you have done your best. and you should be congratulated. pray for guidance...

    best of luck to yah...
  6. by   kemerick
    Now wait....I just found another site that states that my answer could be right!! Gosh, if I only could remember what the other choices said. I remember the first main word, but I don't remember the rest of the sentences. What do you all know about the "last question"? In all honesty!
  7. by   mom2michael
    The last question might have been a "test" question that didn't even count so I wouldn't get all hung up on the last question.

    Have faith in yourself - you've come along way and every single person walks about the NCLEX feeling like they have failed. If you didn't, we would be scared for you because it means the test was too easy and you weren't in the higher level questions needed to pass the test.

    Remember, the nature of the NCLEX beast is that you get 50% right and 50% wrong - then the test shuts off and sees if you are above or below min. compenency.
  8. by   exitthedragon
    I swore that I got them all wrong....After I got home I checked and I did get several wrong but I passed so ....Everyone feels like they failed.I was too ashamed to tell anyone but I passed .You passed I just know it .
  9. by   kemerick
    Hi "Exitthedragon"! But do you remember if you got your last one wrong? And, did it seem like they were all really hard? I always here most people that say they think they failed was due to how hard the questions were. Honestly, the questions I was getting didn't seem too hard, it just happened to be that I didn't know them. I had so many "who would you see first, call first, treat first", but they did not seem hard. This sucks! I always think that people think they failed because their questions were so hard, but mine weren't hard. They just happened to be on stuff that I forgot..............................oh, sooooo mad!!!!!!!
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    All the best with your results!! Please let us know when you find out. Though keep in mind that getting the last question right or wrong doesn't really make a difference. I bet you did great. Do something fun..or try to...I know believe me..I know it's hard!
  11. by   EmerNurse
    I've never met anyone that's walked out of there feeling like they passed. This is the required ANGST we all go through. Your last question could have been a "test" question and not even count, so please don't go by that!

    As folks above have said, go do something nice for yourself. A nice dinner, movie, whatever floats your boat. You'll drive yourself insane if you try to figure it all out now - there's simply no way to know until you get your results. All you'll do is convince yourself you failed and get all worked up. Don't borrow trouble - I have faith that you did great!
  12. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    I remember walking out of my test thinking OMG i did NOT learn or else i completely forgot anything and everything i had learned in's tough test, it's supposed to be. Try not to worry too much, i'm sure you did fine. I thought my test was awful do to sooo many prioritizing, pt teaching and drug questions i was SURE i was failing it because it seemed like i was getting the exact same questions over and over again, but i did give yourself a break!! Got take a hot bath, eat some chocolate...anything to help soothe your mind!
  13. by   rafRN
    Hi kemerick,I know how u feel coz' i've taken it twice and will be taking it again on the 26th.Better not worry with the last question but instead,be confident that u prepared and that u followed suzanne's plan.I have a feeling u'll passed..........So goodluck and pray hard(best thing to do)!!!
  14. by   rags
    kimerick ~ remember... you are not a failure no matter what the results are! This is simply a matter of 'figureing out the NCLEX' and that's it. I have got to know a little bit about your dedication (and anxiety) in the past month and I thought about you today while you were testing. My fingers are crossed for you! Remember I said, I STILL don't know how I passed that dang thing? Well, it's true! I felt I encountered to many questions I had to guess on and got too many wrong. It may be the same story for you!

    Your life DOES NOT revolve around this test. You have a beautiful baby and wonderful marriage. That is what matters most. This is peice of your life that's it! If you passed it you can go on to the next step and if not, we will regroup and take it from there.

    I'm prayin' for ya'! Let us know as soon as you find out.