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Hey! I had I think 100 questions. Around 98 or so it asked me to take a break and I said no. 2 questions later it shuts off. But, I know I got the last question wrong because I looked it up. ... Read More

  1. by   Cherybaby
    Pulling for you kemerick! You've been in my prayers!!!!

  2. by   kemerick
    I will find out tomorrow morning! What would you all suggest if I do fail? Would you say that I still continue to try, after 6 years, for a 7th time? Or just realize that maybe there is something better for me out there?
  3. by   onduty23
    Why Would You Quit You Are Just 33, Just Need To Rethink You Study Habits Or Whatnot. You Passed Nursing school So Whether It Takes 7 0r 10 Trys Eventually You'll Do It.

    Best Of Luck And Keep Us Posted
  4. by   saadia_s
    think positive. i will take 2nd time in end of march.
  5. by   rags
    kimerick ~

    Take that step when you get to it! Don't do anything now other than enjoy life and count your blessings.

  6. by   jayann
    don't lose're even luckier than us, you are already in'll be in my prayers.
  7. by   Leilah75_RN
    congratulations kemerick:roll
  8. by   rags
    inside scoop!!!!

    kimerick will be sleeping well tonight! i am soooo proud to say ... oh.... i'll let her tell you....

    rags :d
  9. by   ninejams
    I was watching all the drama unfold from the beginning of the thread.. It's such a relief that you passed! Gives me much hope too.. as I am doing suzanne's plan. Congrats!
  10. by   LynseyEB
    Quote from kemerick
    Hey! I had I think 100 questions. Around 98 or so it asked me to take a break and I said no. 2 questions later it shuts off. But, I know I got the last question wrong because I looked it up. And, since I have taken this so many times I know how that works! I am so miserable right now. Yeah, I graduated 6 years ago, but I did Suzanne's plan, along with studying my butt off. Do you know how humiliating it is to be her first "failure". You probably are all thinking, "well, you don't know the results yet, so you don't know if you failed". But, when you are passed 75 and you do get your last question wrong, I have NEVER met nor heard of anyone that passed. My life is finally stable and I'm happy. I don't understand why God doesn't want me to be a nurse! I am so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    Hey Kemerick !
    I have taken it 5x and have not passed. I am going to a seminar before I take the Nclex again. Its the Rinehart review. I have done all kinds of nclex CDs. So I am going to try this and see what happens. We can't give up . We have to much time and money in this career to give up now. Hang in their we will do it. Let me hear from you .
  11. by   jc449
    Quote from kemerick
    Hi "Exitthedragon"! But do you remember if you got your last one wrong? And, did it seem like they were all really hard? I always here most people that say they think they failed was due to how hard the questions were. Honestly, the questions I was getting didn't seem too hard, it just happened to be that I didn't know them. I had so many "who would you see first, call first, treat first", but they did not seem hard. This sucks! I always think that people think they failed because their questions were so hard, but mine weren't hard. They just happened to be on stuff that I forgot..............................oh, sooooo mad!!!!!!!
    Kemerick-- I know how you feel.. That is EXACTLY how my test went. I kept waiting for my test questions to get really really hard. Now my computer did shut off at 75, but now I am thinking I wished it kept going to prove myself. Anyway, my last question was one the the multiple answer questions. I think I had 4 in all. I seriously doubt I got the last answer right. Maybe many of the last questions are test questions? Trust me I is hard to do anything but keep checking this computer and calling the quick results number! I will keep positive thoughts going your way for a PASS!
  12. by   S.N. Visit
    So did you pass????
  13. by   LynseyEB
    Quote from Tanzanite
    So did you pass????
    I know just how you feel, but maybe you passed. I went to a seminar In Nov. It was the Rinhart review. I learned a lot. I have not taken the test again yet . I hope to take it again in Feb. Go online to Rinhart and Associates and check them out . They have an online review that you can watch them teach on each topic . you have to pay to see it. They have set me up to review again before I take my test. you also get a book and CD if you go to a seminar. I will let you Know if I pass. Please let me know if you pass . Good Luck to you. I know I am going to need it.