Thinking about rescheduling the NCLEX - page 2

Hi~ Im schedule to take the nclex on sept 23 but I'm having doubts. I've been only getting 50-60 percent on the kaplan practice test and 60+% on the saunders book. Would it better to move the test... Read More

  1. by   BabyRN2Be
    There's a difference between feeling that you are not really ready to take this test, yet you score high on the pre-tests; that is different from feeling like you aren't ready and you are scoring lower on the pretests. If it doesn't cost you anything, I would go ahead and reschedule. I believe that would beat going in there, not passing THEN waiting 90 days to retake and paying all over again. Plus is you are working as a GN, you have to step down to a CNA.

    To me, I see that as being your best option. Good luck to you whatever you decide.