Think i failed for the 2nd time!!

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time yesturday morning and i think i failed again! The 1st time i took it was back in October of last year. I got 84 questions. Before the test, on my practice test i was getting between 50-55%.
    This time around on my practice test i was getting 60-69%. So i thought i was going to be ok. I got 265 question and i decided to check on my state board of nursing and it said FAILED! All my friends already have their license, and those that failed the 1st time passed the 2nd time. But not ME! I feel so stupid! Like its never going to happen for me. Not good enough. Its so upsetting! Has any one gone through this? Any advise?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Relax and give yourself the benefit of the doubt until you get your official results. Plenty of time to get upset once you know the bad news, that is, if there is bad news. Good luck.
  4. by   lkwashington
    I have been through it. I know what you are feeling. I failed the state boards twice. I studied Kaplan live and online for the third go around. It worked for me. I kept positive. I got rid of somethings that were going against me in my life. Good luck to you next time around.
  5. by   RNMeg
    During my preceptorship, I met a nurse who failed the NCLEX 4 times. She passed on her 5th try. And she was an AMAZING nurse. You too can succeed, if you can find the strength to persevere