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i've read lots of threads about everyone biting their nails to the quick, becoming a nervous wreck, and generally going nuts while waiting for various test result to come back. let's think of some... Read More

  1. by   shiina,RN
    Thanks for your response, but i'm in Florida.
  2. by   SynRN
    Quote from luv2shopp85
    Drink A LOT Of alcohol! haha.. I was drunk about 24 of the 48 hours I had to wait. And it did help me alotttttt.

    LOL!!! I drank cognac, wine and beer while I waited for my results. Took the NCLEX RN at 0800 and was drunk by noon!!! I passed Oct 9th!!!! Thank GOD cause I couldn't drink anymore.

    SYN RN :spin:
  3. by   ChocoholicRN
    I'm taking my exam next Saturday and the wait is driving me nuts!! My test is scheduled for 8am saturday so can i get my results online by monday morning or do sat/sun not count in the 48 hrs? My plan once I take the test is to drink, I think mimosas with brunch is a good start, then wings and beer at my favorite bar!! Who knows from there!!
  4. by   Podeng
    after taking my exam last october 2 i just pray and pray and enjoy the things that i miss the most while reviewing sch as playing basketball, surfing the internet and hangng out late in the evening... I'm still waitng for my result.. i hope and pray that i pass!


    "Tustng Him makes my faith stronger everyday"
  5. by   je_da
    awaiting results could be very depressing...

    1. play playstation/xbox/pc games
    2. call a friend
    3. visit the mall and shop
    4. go out of town
    5. cook a new recipe
    6. finish your scrapbook
    7. start a fitness plan
    8. clean the house
    9. watch anime series
    10. flip some old albums
    11. read a new book
    12. go to movies
    13. surf the net
    14. do some gardening
    15... most especially pray!!!
  6. by   hikernurse
    My sister and I engaged in some serious retail therapy; an approach I heartily recommend .
  7. by   Conqueror+
    I took a 7 day cruise after PN Clex. By the time I got back I had my results. There is nothing like being surrounded by hot bodied shirtless men with accents to make you forget everything. (I was single then )
  8. by   gwafuh_rn
    Im WaItInG fOr My NcLeX rEsUlt.My anxiety level is gettiing high.. All i do is play final fantasy on my psp and watch dvd movies..I hope all of us who took the examination will pass..
  9. by   itybits
    Thousands of sit-ups to lose the muffin top I acquired in nursing school

    watch my son's baseball game (yelling "way to wheel, way to wheel!" and " Good eye-good eye" can be very therapeutic)

    talk to my kids

    talk to my husband

    vow not to tell my mom how I really feel again and scare her to death-(she's going to church to pray for me now)

    come up with a game plan if "the dreaded" happens-its not the end just an unexpected detour

    Buy myself some flowers that smell good-like peonies.
  10. by   NATmicuRN
    hmm i have yet to take my nclex but it just so happens ill be taking it the day before my 21st birthday so i will be planning to be comfortably numb and hopefully forget all about it
  11. by   NurseGreenEyes RN
    took the rn boards today...........i'm so glad it's over with, such a huge weight off my shoulders!

    for now, while waiting.........i'm going to do what i always loved to do!

    open up my craft drawers and scrappy tools and do some scrapbooking and do some cardmaking with my rubber stamps! i'm a scrapbook & cardmaking rubberstamping scrapaholic!!!

    great thread! just let loose now!!!!

    :heartbeat nursegreeneyes :heartbeat
  12. by   almostnurse1983
    Go out and have drinks with your friends! Thats what helped for me after I took it! but I failed so....that didnt wasnt good! But getting drinks at the bar & doing karaoke was a blast & kept my mine off my results!
  13. by   czar217
    hi... thanks for this.. i hope this tips might help me manage my anxiety... waiting the result is killing me.. i took my exam last december 2.. gosh.. lots of drugs... hate it... I'm not hoping that i pass.. but I'm still praying and praying and praying that's the only thing that i can do now.. thanks again..aja!!!:wink2: