The thinnest envelope in the world arrived today!!!

  1. :Melody:

    I passed....I knew it.....

    Three weeks of waiting....75 questions....what a relief!!!!
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  5. by   FutureUSRN
    Thank you very much to all who eased my agony during the time when I was almost sure that I have knew it...I passed. The waiting period almost kill me...I was already opening up my books and answering NCLEX CD questions...I was reviewing already for the next try.....

    it was exactly 21 days...took it August 3 and received the results today....
  6. by   sanctuary
    :hatparty: :groupwelcome: :hatparty:
  7. by   CALRCN
    All Right! Kudos to you. Best of luck with your new career! :spin:
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    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley_aa :smiley_aa Well done to you!
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    congratulations!!! well done!
  13. by   sweetnnurse
    i can exhale now! Ive been holding my breath for the past weeks waiting for this moment. I can imagine how great and relieved you feel. All the best:Melody:
  14. by   suzanne4
    told you that it would be at least three weeks.