Taking NCLEX on Wed for 6th time!!!

  1. Hi. I am NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did Suzanne's plan and now I've been reviewing material. I started doing all of this in September. It's a scary feeling knowing that I put so much time into this, but I still feel unprepared. I still find myself running into questions that I have no idea about or that I know I studied that certain material, but don't remember. I often found myself saying "should I just reschedule", but feel like that would be pointless to put it off. The last time I took this test was 4 years ago. I went through so much turmoil in my life (deaths, divorce, moving across the country, etc) so I probably shouldn't have even taken the tests back then. Well I did and did not pass. So, I gave up! But now, 4 years later, with my life back on track, stable, happy, and determined I decided that giving up wasn't the type of person that I am. So, I'm doing it again, but I guess I just need some motivation or some real, cold facts! I take this on Wednesday at 9am and I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life. Please tell me it's normal to feel like there is so much stuff on the test that I don't know or have forgotten it. If it's not normal and I should have a very good understanding of all the topics, then should I hurry and reschedule?
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  3. by   kemerick
    Thank you! I can use all the prayers in the world! I sometimes feel that since I don't pray all the time that he won't listen to me! I'm taking the RN! I graduated from the University in December 2001 with my BSN, so it has been a long, long time. This other site I occasionally look at had people ripping me apart, one person stating that I will never pass, especially since I failed so many times and another person stated that if I did pass they didn't think it would be right for me to practice as an RN, stating that I must suck at it if I can't pass a test, so I shouldn't be allowed to work on a patient. I just blew that off, but deep down that was hard to hear.

    Good luck to you! Just give it your 100%. That is all we can do!

    :-) Kim
  4. by   muxe13
    if you don't succeed, try, try again. Look, you've obviously been through some tough times. Now you are taking something that means something to you. The test that gives you the piece of paper that says you will be a nurse. Someone who has come through some really tough personal times that can help someone down the road later...
    What I do when I get to those "suck in" questions...you know, the ones you get to that just make you suck in air? Just relax...suck in the air, and then hold it, and let it out slow. Close your eyes and start to tell yourself that you do know this material and that you CAN and WILL pass this test. It is only a test. Stop thinking of it as the NCLEX. Just think of it as a regular test.
    You are doing what my mental health teacher says is mind ****ing. When that little voice comes creeping in, just tell it to go away. You have studied, you have prepaired and that you do know it. You will remember. You WILL pass. You are calm, cool and collected. Find what works for you, but every time that voice comes into your head, tell it to go away. We are our own worst enemy. I feel it's your "past" trying to rear it's ugly head?

    I know you will do well! Good luck!
    (Hey, I'll be in your shoes for the first time in about 4-5 months!!)


  5. by   DolphinRN84
    All the best to you and good luck Wednesday!!! You can do this. Just have faith and confidence. AND TAKE YOUR TIME!!!
  6. by   DutchgirlRN
    I will say prayers for you. I greatly admire your determination. Could it be all nerves? Perhaps a small dose of Xanax or Ativan would help? I passed the first time. I knew I would be nervous, not sit still and my heart pounding in my chest and all this would be too distracting. I took 0.5mg ativan and it worked wonders for me. I was relaxed and could sit and think everything through.
  7. by   kstec
    I feel bad that you've had such a terrible time passing. It sounds to me that you have major test anxiety. A girlfriend of mine had to take Inderal before every test due to anxiety. I'm not sure why Inderal, but that is what she took prn for test anxiety. Your obviously not stupid or you wouldn't of finished four years of college, it definitely sounds like something else is going on. I wish you the best of luck and for the people who made rude comments, it must be nice to be perfect, of course I wouldn't know I'm human.
  8. by   onduty23
    wish you the best. stay calm and think positive. dont look back @ your past failure because it wont help. the future is now
  9. by   kemerick
    Thank you for all of your support and prayers! I am trying to stay positive, upbeat, and motivated through this, but please tell me it's normal to have some doubt. Maybe I have the doubt due to the numerous times I have taken this beast, but I truly am trying very hard to stay focused on the positive side! Kim
  10. by   whirlwind
    goodluck...and pray...
  11. by   EmerNurse
    I've never known anyone who felt truly ready to take the exam. And I've never known anyone who passed who felt like they passed when they walked out, myself included!

    You've worked hard, now go in there and do the best you can. You have lots of us behind you, sending you good thoughts. All that stuff is in your head, have faith that it'll all come out on the test! You can do this!

    Many many good wishes for you tomorrow!
  12. by   Leilah75_RN
    take a deep breath and calm down. believe that you will make it and it shall be done. pray. he listens. his answers were sometimes slow bec he is just waitin for the right time. i hope this time is the right time:smilecoffeecup:

    best of luck to yah.
  13. by   kemerick
    Wow, I can't believe I will be taking the test again tomorrow morning! I guess I am as ready as I can be. I am putting everything away, so I can just have a relaxing day. I have NEVER done that before. I have always studied until the day of. I always felt like there were some things that needed some more review. And of course, I have been doing that so far today. But I finally had this big urge to just STOP, relax, and make the day before a "free" day. Yes, I won't lie and tomorrow morning I will look over my labs and all the little tiny things, but that's it. I am going to spend time with my daughter, Ella who is 10 months and maybe go to Target, which I love that store, even just walking around! I've come to realize that studying these "couple more hours" is pointless. I know what I know and if for some evil reason I don't pass, I know it won't be because I took a break. But that won't happen! Please keep me in your prayers so I won't have to do this again a 7th time. I don't deserve that! Thank you ALL for all of your support and encouragement! You have definitely helped my confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. by   Sunshine97
    God luck sweetie you will pass will pray for you.